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When was Jerusalem captured during the First Crusade?


What nation did the Fourth Crusade focus on for their fettle land (grain)?


Where did the break-up of the Roman provinces into Germanic kingdoms occur? (Carolingian) Focus on the Pope.


Where did the gradual transformation into the Byzantine Empire occur? Focus on the patriarch?


Time period of the Romanesque style.

Romanesque style

-Roman basilicas
-Oriented to the east (Jerusalem)
-Cruciform shape
-Apse, altar, vaulted ceiling, columned aisles


What did the 3 doors involved in the Romanesque style represent?


What did the baptistery in the Romanesque style represent?

First Romanesque Style

-Fortress like walls
-Small windows
-Wooden roofs
-Rubble masonry
-Projecting vertical bands of masonry: "Lombard bands"


Time Period of the First Romanesque style.


Putting the altar inside was representative of what religion?

Triumph of life over death (resurrection)

The altar and apse framed by the triumphal arch represented what in the Christian Basilica?


Time period of the Second Romanesque style.


What did artists put on the figures in their mosaics to represent light/composition which drew the eye to the main figure and indicated their importance?


What type of art had figures that never looked at the audience to represent that they were higher above the normal viewer?

Serpent Column

Represented the triumph of the Greeks over the Persians, was found in Delphi, and was take by Constantine as a triumphal spoil.

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