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Egan's Chapter 4 - Infection Control

These came from someone else's flashcards at studyshack.com. I put them here because they have the page numbers from Egan's.
What three elements that must be present for transmission of infection within a health care setting?
A source (or reservoir) of pathogens, a susceptible host and a route of transmission. (Egan Pg 54)
What is the name for infections that are acquired in the hospital?
Nosocomial infections. (Egan pg 54)
What is the term for inanimate objects that may serve to transfer pathogens from one person to another?
fomites. (Egan Pg 55)
What precautions are used to prevent a form of contact transmission that occurs when droplets are propelled short distances(within 3ft or less through the air)
Droplet Precautions. (Egan Pg 69)
What are four categories of Expanded Precautions?
Contact Precautions, Droplet Precautions, Airborne Infection Isolation, and Protective Environment. (Eagan Pg 68)
Hand hygiene includes both handwashing with either plain or antiseptic-containing soap and water for at least how many seconds?
15 seconds. (Egan Pg 70)
What are the precautions that are to be applied to the care of all patients in all health care settings?
Standard Precautions. (Egan Pg 67)
What is the practice of grouping patients with the same infection?
Cohorting. (Egan Pg 73)
What is an ongoing process of monitoring patients and health care personnel for acquistion of infection and/or colonization of pathogens?
Surveillance. (Egan Pg 73)
What are methods that kill bacteria?
bactericidal. (Egan Pg 57)
What are the size of droplet nuclei?
5 μm or less. (Egan Pg 56)
How many infections do hospital-acquired HAIs account for annually?
estimated 2 million infections.(Egan Pg 54)
What is the best choice for high-level disinfection of semicritical respiratory care equipment?
glutaraldehyde. (Egan Pg 74)
Among respiratory care equipment what have the greatest potential to spread infection?
large-volume nebulizers. (Egan Pg 74)
The use of what is part of routine care when there is skin care?
gloves. (Egan Pg 74)
List three general barrier methods used to prevent exposure to organisms
gloves, gown and goggle/mask. (Egan Pg 68)
Ventilator circuits may be used up to how many days before they need to be changed?
7. (Egan pg 68)
What type of water should be placed in the nebulizer?
sterile distilled water. (Egan Pg 63)
The best way to prevent the spread of infection in the ICU is to?
Wash your hands after every patient contact. (Egan Pg 54)
What should be worn to treat patients with tuberculosis?
N-95 mask. (Egan Pg 72)