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Professions Study Guide: Ch 2

If you have a client who has no friends, where should you include that when completing a DSM evaluation for that client?
What attribution model would a counselor likely be following if he/she assumed clients were responsible for causing their problems and for solving them?
According to John Holland's Vocational Preference Inventory, "highly effective" counselors scored highest in ...
Social and Artistic
______________% of counselors experience moderate or high burnout.
According to the Levels of helping the first level of helping is which one?
The main national organization that certifies counselors is?
What would negatively motivate a counselor to go into the profession of counseling?
A desire for POWER
Counselors are a group of many professions known as professional helpers. Which of the following is a part of this group.
Which of the follow is not one of the four main attribution models that counselor use either conscious or unconscious?
A form of communication that documents an individual's training, work, and pertinent life experiences are:
1. Which is NOT a reason why it is important for counselors to obtain a national certification as opposed to just a state certification?
National certification allows counselors to move on to a doctoral counseling program, whereas state certification does not
What are the three levels of helping?
Nonprofessional, Paraprofessional, and Professional
What does the NBCC stand for?
National Board for Certified Counselors
Which attribution model of a client's problem would most likely state "He is an alcoholic because his dad was, he has no power to control it"
Which axis of the DSM diagnosis system refers to the client's psychoSOCIALl/environmental problems affecting his or her diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of mental disorders?
Which of the following is NOT a personal quality of an effective counselor?
desire for POWER
Currently, the education of Professional Counselors requires all of the following except:
a complete mental health screening
___________ is the statutory process by which an agency of government, usually a state, grants permission to a person meeting predetermined qualifications to engage in a given occupation and/or use a particular title and to perform specified functions.
What is the single most common personal consequence of working as a counselor?
4. Certification for counselors is achieved through which national organization?
What is NOT one of the main attribution models that counselors use on either a conscious or unconscious basis? (p. 46)
identify scientifically and academically talented students and promote their development.
What is NOT a reason for counselors to obtain both NBCC certification and state licensure? (p. 43)
Mickey Mouse does not agree
The DSM system includes a five axial system for describing client diagnoses. GENERAL Medical Conditions would be found on:
Axis III
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) intended to:

Improve efficiency in the delivery of healthcare

Protect confidentiality and security of health information

Standardize electronic patient health/financial data
An effective counselor should possess which of the following qualities:
Ability to remain OBJECTIVE
Both counselors and social workers are able to provide forms of counseling services. How do social workers differ from counselors?
They negotiate social systems and understand client habitats
What is the single most common personal consequence of working as a counselor?
Which of the following is NOT one of the main attribution models counselors use on either a Conscious or Unconscious basis?
1. Which of the following is NOT a personal quality of an effective counselor?
Ability to focus on self
2. Which of the following are considered dysfunctional motivators for becoming a counselor?
A. Emotional distress
B. Loneliness and isolation
C. A desire for power
--> CORRECT-->D. All of the above
What is Carl Jung's definition of synchronicity?
When two simultaneous events occur coincidentally and result in a meaningful connection.
What aspects of one's personal life make him or her best suited to function as a counselor?
a. Curiosity and inquisitiveness- a natural interest in people

b. Ability to listen-the ability to find listening stimulating

c. Comfort with conversation-enjoyment of verbal exchanges

d. All of the above

e. (Correct Answer: D)