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  1. Discuss the mission of a Civic Action Team (CAT)
  2. Discuss Maritime Expeditionary Security Force
  3. Discuss Mutual support
  4. Discuss the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) and how this position applies to the administrative chain of command
  5. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the executive Officer
  1. a Working with other engineering components to meet the need. Responds to tasking of the NCE Operations officer
  2. b o A small, highly mobile, air transportable construction unit that can be tailored to accomplish a variety of constructions tasks.
    o Team carry enough food, tool kits, and automotive and construction equipment to be self-sufficient in the field while performing their construction tasks.
  3. c NECC provides rapid deployable and agile expeditionary forces, made up of active duty and reserve mission specialists, to warfare commanders in support of maritime security operations around the globe.
  4. d The direct representative of, and principal assistant to, the Commanding Officer.
    Executes the policies and instructions of the Commanding Officer and takes precedence over all other persons under the command of the Commanding Officer.
  5. e Provides scalable and sustainable security teams to defend mission critical assets in the near cost environment
    4158 Reserve, 2442 Active duty

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  1. Captain Alan W. Todd
  2. Intelligence Officer
    responsible for collecting and analyzing intelligence information about the enemy to determine what the enemy is doing, or might do, to prevent the accomplishment of the unit's mission. This office may also control maps and geographical information systems and data.
  3. The highest level of classification of material on a national level. Such material would cause "exceptionally grave damage" to national security if made publicly available.
    Must be updated every 5 years
    Not available to non citizens.
  4. Commissioned naval units whose main function is to provide military and amphibious construction support to the armed forces in military operations. Provides ship to shore transport of fuel, materials, and equipment ISO amphibious ready group, MEF, and MPF operations.
  5. Generally a PO2 who carries out the orders of the squad leader and is responsible for the effective employment of the fire team. His primary responsibility is to control the fire team in combat. In addition the fire team leader is responsible for the care and condition of the weapons and equipment of the fire team.

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  1. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Commanding OfficerDirectly responsible for the preparedness and successful completion of all construction projects and disaster recovery operations assigned to the NCF unit by higher authority.


  2. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Platoon CommanderNormally a CPO who is responsible for the training, discipline, control, and tactical deployment of the platoon. The Platoon Commander is also responsible for the overall planning, scheduling, safety, quality controls, and project management of those projects assigned to the platoon by the Company commander.


  3. What is the Prefix of N stand forRear Admiral Michael P. Tillotson


  4. Discuss Security Training Command127 reserve 172 active duty
    Is an enabling force working directly with the civil authorities and civilian populations within a Combatant Commander's maritime area of operations to lessen the impact of military operations imposed during peace time, contingency operations and periods of declared war.


  5. State the components of an Air DETCombat Operation Center
    o A COC is capable of collecting, processing, displaying, evaluating, and disseminating tactical information and is manned by watch standers at CBR, and Operations . The COC has an organic communications capability that provides visual and internal/external, tactical and secure, voice and data communications systems.