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  1. Discuss the mission of a Underwater Construction Team (UCT)
  2. Explain the difference between a security clearance and access
  3. Discuss the Seabee Readiness Group (SRG) and how this position applies to the administrative chain of command
  4. Describe the relationship of the PHIB CB's to 1 NCD
  5. Discuss Maritime Expeditionary Security Force
  1. a • Clearance - Administrative action that an individual can be trusted with classified materials.
    • Access - No one has a right to have access to classified information solely because of rank, position, or security clearance. Access is based on persons need to know.
  2. b PHIBCB's are not under 1 NCD but 75% of the officers are CEC. 50% of the enlisted are OF-7.
  3. c Provides training support to the Commanders, First Naval Construction Regiment, Ninth Naval Construction Regiment, Thirtieth Naval Construction Regiment and their subordinate units.
  4. d Provides scalable and sustainable security teams to defend mission critical assets in the near cost environment
    4158 Reserve, 2442 Active duty
  5. e Specially trained units that construct, maintain, and repair underwater facilities. Each UCT is capable of performing underwater construction tasks and surveying the sea bottom to select the site for an underwater facility.

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  1. CBMU 202 and CBMU 303 are active duty commands with Command Elements (CE) and active and reserve detachments located in several fleet concentration areas.
    Provide camp setup and camp maintenance support to Navy and Marine Corps forces ashore.
    Continue CBU Fleet Hospital Mission.
    Conduct construction readiness training (CRT) and Disaster Recovery/Consequence Management (DR/CM) in support of Navy activities ashore.
    Provide Forward Operating Base (FOB) facility and logistics support to designated Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), and MEF Engineer Group (MEG) Command Elements, and Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Squadrons
  2. The direct representative of, and principal assistant to, the Commanding Officer.
    Executes the policies and instructions of the Commanding Officer and takes precedence over all other persons under the command of the Commanding Officer.
  3. CO will determine the positions that require access to classified information.
    May authorize access to incumbents who have been determined elgible
  4. o Required for:
    advancement in rate
    qualification for retention and reenlistment
    selection for responsible assignments
    selection for special training
    awards type of discharge received
  5. Depends on where the unit is home-ported or deployed.
    Gulfport it is COMLANTFLT
    Port Hueneme is COMPACFLT

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  1. Discuss "secret" and when the investigation needs to be renewedIn the absence of adverse information, commanding officers may grant temporary access (also referred to as interim clearance or interim access) to individuals pending completion of full investigative requirements and pending establishment of security clearance eligibility by the DON CAF


  2. Discuss the mission of a Naval Construction Force Support Unit (NCFSU)o Provides logistical support for a Naval Construction Regiment and other supported Naval Construction Force units. Also provides augment construction, engineering, and specialized equipment support for a NCR and other units. NCFSU equipment is maintained both in the active force and in the Reserve


  3. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Platoon CommanderGenerally a PO1 who carries out the orders of the platoon commander and is responsible to him for discipline, appearance, training, control, and conduct of the squad at all times. In combat, he has the important responsibilities of fire discipline, fire control, and maneuvering the squad.


  4. State the purpose of and describe a Air DETo The mission of the Air DET, as an advance element of an NMCB, is to repair war damage and construct urgent projects as required by major operational plans or as tasked by a MAGTF commander


  5. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the S1Admin Officer
    The battalion administrative and personnel Officer is the senior assistant to the XO for administrative details and personnel administration. It's normally divided into two sections.
    Admin: Reports, Directives, Mail, Classified Material, Clerical Pool, Legal and Officer Records.
    Personnel: Enlisted Service Records, Personnel Accounting and Check in/out.