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  1. Who is the Navy reserve Force Master Chief
  2. Discuss the procedure to determine clearance eligibility
  3. Discuss TACON
  4. State the components of an Air DET
  5. Explain enlisted service record Page 2
  1. a Emergency Data.
    o Multipurpose form for both officer and enlisted members.
    o Part 1 serves as an application of dependency allowances and is used to record military spouse data. Part II provides an immediately accessible, up-to-date record of emergency data for casualty reporting and notification of the next of kin.
  2. b Limited to the detailed and local direction and control of movements and maneuvers necessary to accomplish the commanders assigned mission and tasks.
  3. c CO will determine the positions that require access to classified information.
    May authorize access to incumbents who have been determined elgible
  4. d FORCM(AW) Chris Wheeler
  5. e composed of 89 personnel, 2 of which are officers and 39 items of CESE and equates to 250 to 300 STs (approximately 14 C-141, 8 C-17, or 5 C-5 lift equivalents)

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  1. ADCON is defined as the coordination of training, project selection, logistic support, movement of personnel and equipment, furnishing services, supplies, and materials for assigned units.
  2. Provides scalable and sustainable security teams to defend mission critical assets in the near cost environment
    4158 Reserve, 2442 Active duty
  3. Alternate Combat Operation Center
    o Requires the same information and set-up as COC; assumes control of battalion if COC is destroyed.
  4. Organize, train, operate and maintain the Naval Construction Force.
    Command and Control Naval Construction Regiments.
    Develop, coordinate and implement policies and requirements to man, equip and train Seabees.
    Commissioned on August 9, 2002 at Joint Expeditionary Base - Little Creek, Virginia Beach, Va
  5. Provides training support to the Commanders, First Naval Construction Regiment, Ninth Naval Construction Regiment, Thirtieth Naval Construction Regiment and their subordinate units.

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  1. Who does NECC overseeThe commander of a regiment.


  2. Discuss Close supportA Seabee element with a close support mission provides construction/engineering support on projects and objectives with the supported force through coordination with the NCE Operations Officer and provides force protection, movement, and communications tasks through coordination with the supported force


  3. Discuss the mission of a Civic Action Team (CAT)o A small, highly mobile, air transportable construction unit that can be tailored to accomplish a variety of constructions tasks.
    o Team carry enough food, tool kits, and automotive and construction equipment to be self-sufficient in the field while performing their construction tasks.


  4. What does the Prefix G stand forRegimental Staff


  5. Discuss the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)o The Navy's senior enlisted member, assigned to the Chief of Naval Personnel for 3 years. Senior enlisted advisor to the CNO and Chief of Naval Personnel