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  1. Discuss the mission of a Underwater Construction Team (UCT)
  2. State the purpose of and describe a Air DET
  3. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Platoon Commander
  4. Discuss Combat Camera
  5. Explain enlisted service record Page 4
  1. a Generates video and still documentation of combat operations, contingencies, exercises and Navy events of historical significance. COMCAM is a visual information acquisition unit, dedicated to providing rapid response aerial, surface and subsurface visual documentation of wartime operations.
  2. b o The mission of the Air DET, as an advance element of an NMCB, is to repair war damage and construct urgent projects as required by major operational plans or as tasked by a MAGTF commander
  3. c Enlisted Qualification History
    o Consists of chronological history of your occupational and training related qualifications and your awards and commendations.
  4. d Normally a CPO who is responsible for the training, discipline, control, and tactical deployment of the platoon. The Platoon Commander is also responsible for the overall planning, scheduling, safety, quality controls, and project management of those projects assigned to the platoon by the Company commander.
  5. e Specially trained units that construct, maintain, and repair underwater facilities. Each UCT is capable of performing underwater construction tasks and surveying the sea bottom to select the site for an underwater facility.

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  1. Such material would cause "damage" or be "prejudicial" to national security if publicly available.
    Must be updated every 15 years.
  2. The direct representative of, and principal assistant to, the Commanding Officer.
    Executes the policies and instructions of the Commanding Officer and takes precedence over all other persons under the command of the Commanding Officer.
  3. Provides the Commanding Officer with a senior enlisted assistant who provides a direct channel for communications between the enlisted personnel and the command on issues that cannot be resolved through normal command channels.
  4. o Is a unit reporting format utilized to summarize a unit's training and operation readiness to higher headquarters and the theater commanders. (CINC)
  5. PHIBCB's are not under 1 NCD but 75% of the officers are CEC. 50% of the enlisted are OF-7.

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  1. Discuss Security Training Commando Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the automotive, construction and materials-handling equipment assigned to the battalion.


  2. Discuss the function of Bravo Companyo Responsible for water, sanitary sewer, and power distribution systems, fuel systems, and communications projects. Bravo Company serves as a mini public works department providing for maintenance and operation of the unit's camp.


  3. What is a Force Master ChiefSenior enlisted Master Chief of the Force


  4. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Commanding OfficerDirectly responsible for the preparedness and successful completion of all construction projects and disaster recovery operations assigned to the NCF unit by higher authority.


  5. Discuss the mission of a Deployment for Training (DFT)o A small, highly mobile, air transportable construction unit that can be tailored to accomplish a variety of constructions tasks.
    o Team carry enough food, tool kits, and automotive and construction equipment to be self-sufficient in the field while performing their construction tasks.


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