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  1. Discuss the function of Headquarters Company
  2. Discuss TACON
  3. Discuss General support
  4. Define TYCOM
  5. Define Warning Order
  1. a Limited to the detailed and local direction and control of movements and maneuvers necessary to accomplish the commanders assigned mission and tasks.
  2. b general construction/engineering support to the component or the component element as a whole, not to a particular subordinate unit
    The Seabee element responds to the requirements of the NCE Operations officer
  3. c Warning Order is to give advance notice that a unit is to be moved. If time permits, the order is usually issued about 90 days in advance of the departure date. This time period allows subordinate units time to prepare for the move.
  4. d o The administrative and military organization for all enlisted personnel assigned to the NMCB's executive and special staffs. They provided support to the line companies in construction and disaster recovery operations.
  5. e Type Commander (TYCOM) perform vital administrative, personnel, and operational training functions for a "type" of weapon system (i.e., naval aviation, submarine warfare, surface warships) within a fleet organization
    NMCB TYCOM is NECC . Controls the units during their training cycles until they move to their OPCON

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  1. Commissioned naval units whose main function is to provide military and amphibious construction support to the armed forces in military operations. Provides ship to shore transport of fuel, materials, and equipment ISO amphibious ready group, MEF, and MPF operations.
  2. submit input
    make a statement
  3. Depends on where the unit is home-ported or deployed.
    Gulfport it is COMLANTFLT
    Port Hueneme is COMPACFLT
  4. o Required for:
    advancement in rate
    qualification for retention and reenlistment
    selection for responsible assignments
    selection for special training
    awards type of discharge received
  5. • Continuously updating a member's skill including, individual general skills, individual rating skills, military skills, and crew skills (construction skills)

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  1. What are the Naval Component Commandscomposed of 89 personnel, 2 of which are officers and 39 items of CESE and equates to 250 to 300 STs (approximately 14 C-141, 8 C-17, or 5 C-5 lift equivalents)


  2. Discuss the function of Bravo Companyo Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the automotive, construction and materials-handling equipment assigned to the battalion.


  3. Discuss the operational chain of commando The battalion's general construction company. They are the prime contractors and occasional subcontractors; normally equal in strength and capabilities; they function as prime contractors for vertical construction.


  4. What is a Force Master ChiefCaptain Alan W. Todd


  5. State the purpose of and describe ACOCAlternate Combat Operation Center
    o Requires the same information and set-up as COC; assumes control of battalion if COC is destroyed.