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  1. Discuss the purpose of a SITREP
  2. Define OPCON
  3. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Fireteam Leader
  4. What is a Force Master Chief
  5. What is the purpose of Performance counseling
  1. a o Required for:
    advancement in rate
    qualification for retention and reenlistment
    selection for responsible assignments
    selection for special training
    awards type of discharge received
  2. b Generally a PO2 who carries out the orders of the squad leader and is responsible for the effective employment of the fire team. His primary responsibility is to control the fire team in combat. In addition the fire team leader is responsible for the care and condition of the weapons and equipment of the fire team.
  3. c Senior enlisted Master Chief of the Force
  4. d Defined as the authority to assign tasks, to designate objectives, and to give any specific directions necessary to accomplish a mission. If required, a specific date for mission completion may be specified.
  5. e o Used if local interest is expected and minimal impact to Navy Operations will result from the incident. Event not likely to draw national attention (auto accident)

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  1. o The 1NCD has been established to exercise command and administrative control over assigned Regiments and Seabee Readiness Groups and reports to COMLANTFLT/COMUSFLTFOR, COMPACFLT, and USEURCOM.
  2. o It is Naval Construction Force (NCF) policy that the command and control of Computer and Information Systems (CIS) used for the transmission of all forms of communications, e.g., voice, digital, or signal, is the responsibility of a unit's commanding officer (CO). The CO delegates the day-to-day leadership and management of CIS to an appointed CIS Officer, known as the COMMO.
  3. o Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the automotive, construction and materials-handling equipment assigned to the battalion.
  4. PHIBCB's are not under 1 NCD but 75% of the officers are CEC. 50% of the enlisted are OF-7.
  5. • Continuously updating a member's skill including, individual general skills, individual rating skills, military skills, and crew skills (construction skills)

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  1. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Squad LeaderGenerally a PO1 who carries out the orders of the platoon commander and is responsible to him for discipline, appearance, training, control, and conduct of the squad at all times. In combat, he has the important responsibilities of fire discipline, fire control, and maneuvering the squad.


  2. What is the purpose of Personnel counselingNavy Headquarters (Division)


  3. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Company CommanderNormally a LT.
    Responsible for morale and welfare of the men and women assigned to the company.
    Training and readiness of the company.
    Economical use of materials and funds.
    Discipline of the men and women within the company.
    Directives, correspondence and reporting.


  4. Discuss Top secret and when the investigation needs to be renewedThe highest level of classification of material on a national level. Such material would cause "exceptionally grave damage" to national security if made publicly available.
    Must be updated every 5 years
    Not available to non citizens.


  5. Discuss Security Training CommandSupports the efforts of the Combatant Commanders' Theater Security Cooperation by delivering timely, focused, and customizable training to designated host nations. Security Force Assistance draws training expertise from NECC forces and DoD to support in training delivery. Host nation training also supports critical regional stability by helping improve the nation's capabilities in exercising maritime sovereignty.


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