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  1. Define Warning Order
  2. Discuss the purpose of a Operation Report (OPREP)
  3. Describe the relationship of the PHIB CB's to 1 NCD
  4. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the S1
  5. Discuss "secret" and when the investigation needs to be renewed
  1. a PHIBCB's are not under 1 NCD but 75% of the officers are CEC. 50% of the enlisted are OF-7.
  2. b Admin Officer
    The battalion administrative and personnel Officer is the senior assistant to the XO for administrative details and personnel administration. It's normally divided into two sections.
    Admin: Reports, Directives, Mail, Classified Material, Clerical Pool, Legal and Officer Records.
    Personnel: Enlisted Service Records, Personnel Accounting and Check in/out.
  3. c Warning Order is to give advance notice that a unit is to be moved. If time permits, the order is usually issued about 90 days in advance of the departure date. This time period allows subordinate units time to prepare for the move.
  4. d Such material would cause "grave damage" to national security if it were publicly available
    Must be updated every 10 years
  5. e Significant event likely to draw national attention. Will likely have impact on Navy Operations, and/or fatalities in the line of duty.

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  1. Seabees
    Maritime Expeditionary Security Force
    Explosive Ordnance Disposal
    Expeditionary Intelligence
    Expeditionary Logistics
    Maritime Civil Affairs and Security Training Command
    Expeditionary Combat Readiness
  2. Combat Operation Center
    o A COC is capable of collecting, processing, displaying, evaluating, and disseminating tactical information and is manned by watch standers at CBR, and Operations . The COC has an organic communications capability that provides visual and internal/external, tactical and secure, voice and data communications systems.
  3. 307 reserve, 2223 Active duty
    Conducts counter-IED operations, renders safe explosive hazards and disarms underwater explosives such as mines. EOD specialists can handle chemical, biological and radiological threats and are the only military EOD force that can both parachute from the air to reach distant targets and dive under the sea to disarm weapons
  4. In the absence of adverse information, commanding officers may grant temporary access (also referred to as interim clearance or interim access) to individuals pending completion of full investigative requirements and pending establishment of security clearance eligibility by the DON CAF
  5. Direct Liaison Authorized
    That authority granted by a commander (any level) to a subordinate to directly consult or coordinate an action with a command or agency within or outside of the granting command. Direct liaison authorized is more applicable to planning than operations and always carries with it the requirement of keeping the commander granting direct liaison authorized informed

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  1. Define ADCONADCON is defined as the coordination of training, project selection, logistic support, movement of personnel and equipment, furnishing services, supplies, and materials for assigned units.


  2. Discuss the mission of a Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB)o The 1NCD has been established to exercise command and administrative control over assigned Regiments and Seabee Readiness Groups and reports to COMLANTFLT/COMUSFLTFOR, COMPACFLT, and USEURCOM.


  3. Discuss the mission of the 1st Naval Construction Divisiono Exercises administrative and operational control of two or more NMCB's or other NCF units. The NCR assists the NMCBs in achieving the highest possible state of readiness to meet their disaster recovery, contingency, and wartime missions of military construction support of the armed forces.


  4. Discuss the Technical Skills Assessment Program (TSAP).o A small, highly mobile, air transportable construction unit that can be tailored to accomplish a variety of constructions tasks.
    o Team carry enough food, tool kits, and automotive and construction equipment to be self-sufficient in the field while performing their construction tasks.


  5. Define OPLANOPLAN is a detailed statement of a course of action to be followed to accomplish a future mission.