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  1. Discuss the mission of a Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit (CBMU)
  2. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the S2
  3. What does the Prefix R stand for
  4. Discuss the function of Headquarters Company
  5. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Right Guide
  1. a Intelligence Officer
    responsible for collecting and analyzing intelligence information about the enemy to determine what the enemy is doing, or might do, to prevent the accomplishment of the unit's mission. This office may also control maps and geographical information systems and data.
  2. b Normally a PO1 who performs the administrative functions the platoon commander may direct. The Right Guide is also responsible for the supply and timely re-supply of the platoon in combat and often performs similar tasks on the job site.
  3. c o The administrative and military organization for all enlisted personnel assigned to the NMCB's executive and special staffs. They provided support to the line companies in construction and disaster recovery operations.
  4. d CBMU 202 and CBMU 303 are active duty commands with Command Elements (CE) and active and reserve detachments located in several fleet concentration areas.
    Provide camp setup and camp maintenance support to Navy and Marine Corps forces ashore.
    Continue CBU Fleet Hospital Mission.
    Conduct construction readiness training (CRT) and Disaster Recovery/Consequence Management (DR/CM) in support of Navy activities ashore.
    Provide Forward Operating Base (FOB) facility and logistics support to designated Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), and MEF Engineer Group (MEG) Command Elements, and Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Squadrons
  5. e Regimental Staff

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  1. o Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the automotive, construction and materials-handling equipment assigned to the battalion.
  2. Naval Facilities Engineering Command
    SYSCOM of 1NCD
    Technical support, assistance in planning and designing infrastructure, environmental assistance, real estate acquisition and contract construction.
  3. OPORD, may be oral, dictated, or in written form. The most important determining factor of the form and the method of issuing an OPORD is time available for its preparation and distribution.
  4. o It is Naval Construction Force (NCF) policy that the command and control of Computer and Information Systems (CIS) used for the transmission of all forms of communications, e.g., voice, digital, or signal, is the responsibility of a unit's commanding officer (CO). The CO delegates the day-to-day leadership and management of CIS to an appointed CIS Officer, known as the COMMO.
  5. Significant event likely to draw national attention. Will likely have impact on Navy Operations, and/or fatalities in the line of duty.

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  1. Discuss General supportgeneral construction/engineering support to the component or the component element as a whole, not to a particular subordinate unit
    The Seabee element responds to the requirements of the NCE Operations officer


  2. Discuss the mission of a Naval Construction Force Support Unit (NCFSU)o Provides logistical support for a Naval Construction Regiment and other supported Naval Construction Force units. Also provides augment construction, engineering, and specialized equipment support for a NCR and other units. NCFSU equipment is maintained both in the active force and in the Reserve


  3. Discuss the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)President > Secretary of Defense > Secretary of the Navy > CNO > NECC > 1NCD > 9th NCR


  4. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Company CommanderGenerally a PO1 who carries out the orders of the platoon commander and is responsible to him for discipline, appearance, training, control, and conduct of the squad at all times. In combat, he has the important responsibilities of fire discipline, fire control, and maneuvering the squad.


  5. Define Command and controlThe exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commander over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of the mission