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  1. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Company Chief
  2. Define Command and control
  3. Discuss the Seabee Readiness Group (SRG) and how this position applies to the administrative chain of command
  4. State the purpose of and describe ACOC
  5. Discuss the purpose of a SITREP
  1. a The exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commander over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of the mission
  2. b o Used if local interest is expected and minimal impact to Navy Operations will result from the incident. Event not likely to draw national attention (auto accident)
  3. c Provides training support to the Commanders, First Naval Construction Regiment, Ninth Naval Construction Regiment, Thirtieth Naval Construction Regiment and their subordinate units.
  4. d He/She is the primary administrative assistant and technical advisor to the company commander.
  5. e Alternate Combat Operation Center
    o Requires the same information and set-up as COC; assumes control of battalion if COC is destroyed.

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  1. o Provides logistical support for a Naval Construction Regiment and other supported Naval Construction Force units. Also provides augment construction, engineering, and specialized equipment support for a NCR and other units. NCFSU equipment is maintained both in the active force and in the Reserve
  2. 2nd Fleet Eastern United States
    3rd Fleet Western United States, Eastern Pacific.
    4th Fleet Waters around South America
    5th Fleet, Persian Gulf
    6th Fleet, Eastern Atlantic
    7th Fleet Western Pacific and Indian Ocean.
  3. X1 - Chaplain
    X2 Dental Officer
    X3 Legal Officer
    X4 Medical officer
    Career Counselor
    Public affairs officer
    3M coordinator
  4. Supports the efforts of the Combatant Commanders' Theater Security Cooperation by delivering timely, focused, and customizable training to designated host nations. Security Force Assistance draws training expertise from NECC forces and DoD to support in training delivery. Host nation training also supports critical regional stability by helping improve the nation's capabilities in exercising maritime sovereignty.
  5. o Required for:
    advancement in rate
    qualification for retention and reenlistment
    selection for responsible assignments
    selection for special training
    awards type of discharge received

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  1. Discuss the Commander US Atlantic Fleet, Pacific Fleet, and Naval Forces Europe and how this position applies to the administrative chain of commandDepends on where the unit is home-ported or deployed.
    Gulfport it is COMLANTFLT
    Port Hueneme is COMPACFLT


  2. Who does NECC overseeThe commander of a regiment.


  3. Discuss the operational chain of commandPresident > Secrety of Defense > Unified Combatant Commander >
    Navy of Marine Component Commander depending on location.
    MAGTF commander or NCR depending on location.


  4. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the S6Normally a PO1 who performs the administrative functions the platoon commander may direct. The Right Guide is also responsible for the supply and timely re-supply of the platoon in combat and often performs similar tasks on the job site.


  5. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Command Master ChiefProvides the Commanding Officer with a senior enlisted assistant who provides a direct channel for communications between the enlisted personnel and the command on issues that cannot be resolved through normal command channels.