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Himalaya Mountains

mountain range that separates India from China that includes the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest

Ganges River

river that flows through northern India into the Bay of Bengal and is considered sacred by Hindus

Gobi Desert

desert in Western China that is in the rain shadow of the Himalaya Mountains

orographic precipitation

rain that is caused by mountain ranges


wind pattern that brings rain to parts of Asia

ring of fire

area around the Pacific Ocean where many tectonic plates meet causing more earthquakes and active volcanoes


a tropical storm in Asia similar to a Hurricane and also called a typhoon


forest that grows in a tropical wet climate zone and has broadleaf trees


dry grassland near deserts


chain of islands such as the Japanese Islands and the Philippines


major religion in India that is polytheistic, believes in reincarnation and karma, and the idea that everyone as a soul called atman


major religion in Southeast Asia that believes in reincarnation, karma, and nirvana, founded by Siddhartha


ethnic religion in Japan that believes in nature spirits called kami


philosophy in China that developed an intricate system of ethics


religion that developed in China that believes in balance and action through inaction


the idea that when a person dies their spirit will be reborn


the idea that when someone does something good or bad it will come back to them


the Buddhist concept of heaven but it is more closely associated with release from suffering or the attainment of enlightenment


soul in Hinduism

caste system

system of social organization in India


people at the top of the caste system in India, also known as priests or teachers

ancestor worship

the idea that when a family member dies their spirit can help bring you good fortune in this life

command economy

an economy in which the government owns the means of production

free market economy

an economy in which the means of production are owned by the people and it operates on supply and demand

mixed economy

an economy where the government owns some major industries


highly urbanized areas where major cities are connected by urban sprawl


when trees are cut down faster than they can grow back

agricultural terracing

the practice of creating flat areas in the mountains in order to farm


a tent used by nomads in Mongolia


a building with a distinctive curved roof that is common in Asia and can be used for a shrine or religious temple


economic organization of countries in Southeast Asia


economic organization that controls the price and production of oil in the world


region located between India and Pakistan that both countries claim


place where Muslims worship

green revolution

period in the 1950s when better types of rice were introduced into Asia


a type of cloth in Indonesia


type of writing in China


wind blown dirt that is common in China

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