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art final

defined as the material substances used to create an artwork
are the various branches of art making activity, like painting or video
a plan, or to plan. the organization of a work; the skilled arrangement of its parts
effective design
is one in which the elements of art and principles of design have been combined to achieve an overall sense of unity (ex: Richard Serra, Undulating Wall)
the artist manipulates ink or paint onto the surface of a smooth plate and then transfers that image onto paper by means of pressure, can only create one (ex: William Blake, Newton) pen n ink
19th century
photography began and revolutionized art (ex: Society Ladies, James VanDerZee, USA, 1927)(Part of Harlem Renaissance)
200 years ago
artists began to make art protesting the
Francisco Goya's The Execution or May 3rd, 1808
sympathize with the Spaniards
Tomatsu Shomei's photographs
Victims of the atomic bomb
Spanish Civil War
David Alfaro Siquerios protested against the
Leon Golub's Mercenaries I
particularly imposing because of its large size
Lewis Hine's photos of child laborers
have long titles, which fully documented their youthfulness
Jacob Lawrence
artistic style was flat and simple
Rent Collection Courtyard
documents a scene from Chinese History
Edward Kienholz's work
based on his experiences as a mental hospital worker
Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People
is romantic in its portrayal of fighting as thrilling, dangerous,
Kara Walker is an African American artist
who creates life-size, cutout silhouette figures based on racist imagery of the slave era in the United States.
status quo
the normal, existing state of affairs, which appears natural or inevitable instead of constructed or evolving
Affirming the Value of the oppressed
when a group of people is oppressed, their way of life tends to be discounted or ridiculed. art is an especially effective tool for affirming the lifestyles and value of downtrodden groups (ex; aborginal memorial)
Edward Kienholz
uses shock to protest the conditions of Mental Hospitals and the treatment of patients
status quo
george tooker, usa, 1956, tempera on gesso panel
means counterpose, with a human figure standing with most of its weight on one foot, more relaxed position (s curve)
may indulge viewer's curiosity, giving them permission to stare (ex: fanny, Chuck Close USA 1985
sculpts david as he first faces Goliath
tension is apparent in his frown, muscles, protruding veins
head and hands are oversized, indicating youthful potential
inner tension speaks of the core of the being, the soul
body is ennobled and emphasized, but only as a vehicle for the soul
the body as an art tool
most important tool: fingers, hands and arms, guided by their minds (jason pollock painted lucifer with motion of entire body)
gestural abstraction or action painting
using whole body to paint
cut piece yoko ono
used for performance art
social constructs
attitudes about personal attributes become political battles
can enable us to see ourselves as others see us
the viewer consumes an image without direct interaction, viewer is in a privileged position, becomes a voyeur
Guerilla girls
do women have to be naked to get into the met. museum
fashion notions
changing of masculine and feminine; perceived as too filly by some, "unmanly"