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Rear Window Director

Alfred Hitchcock

Rear Window Year Released


Rear Window Theme

Obsessive human curiosity

Rear Window Characters

L.B. Jeffries, Lisa Fremont, Stella, Lars Thornwald

Rear Window Conflicts

Jeffries witnesses his neighbor, Mr. Thornwald, murdering his wife but cannot prove it to the police. Conflict between Jeffries and his girlfriend Lisa

Sunset Blvd Director

Billy Wilder

Sunset Blvd Year Released


Sunset Blvd Themes

The fascination with fame and desire for fame, protection of truth

Sunset Blvd Characters

Joe Gillis, Norma Desmond, Max, Betty Schaefer

Sunset Blvd Conflicts

Joe tries to make it as a writer, and Norma tries to make a continuous comeback with her acting career.

Be Kind Rewind Director

Michel Gondry

Be Kind Rewind Year Released


Be Kind Rewind Themes

Dreams to aspire and imagination

Be Kind Rewind Characters

Jerry, Mike, Mr. Fletcher, and Miss Falewicz

Be Kind Rewind Conflicts

Jerry and Mike accidentally erase all tapes in the video store and attempt to re-shoot every movie

Godfather Director

Francis Coppola

Godfather Year Released


Godfather Theme

American Dream, gangstahs, and family loyalty

Godfather Characters

Don Vito, Michael, Sonny, Kay Adams, Carlo, Connie, whole Corleone family, whole Barzini family

Godfather Conflicts

Family rivalries between mafias, Michael's loyalty to the family, Michael being dishonest with Kay.

Red River Director

Howard Hawks

Red River Year Released


Red River Theme

Desire for immortality, fatherly figure power, falling in love/being successful

Red River Characters

Thomas Dunson, Matt Garth, Tess (chick that Matt falls for), Nadine (old funny guy)

Red River Conflicts

Getting cattle to destination, conflict between Dunson and Matt.

Citizen Kane Director

Orson Welles

Citizen Kane Year Released


Citizen Kane Theme

Corruption by lust for wealth, basic desires versus manipulated desires, never being happy all your life.

Citizen Kane Characters

Charles Kane, Jedediah Leland (Kane's best friend, first reporter for Kane's paper, eventually fired by Kane), Jerry Thomson (investigator of "rosebud"), Jim Getty's (Political opponent), Susan Alexander Kane (mistress, singer, eventually 2nd wife), Walter Thatcher (mystery millionaire who becomes legal guardian of Kane)

Citizen Kane Conflicts

Power and immorality, betrayal of friendship, how millionaire Kane becomes corrupted by lust, what Kane actually wanted his whole be raised normally.

City of God Director

Fernando Meirelles

City of God Country Produced


City of God Year Released


City of God Theme

The new world of mass terror and religious fundamentalism raises issues of violence, morality, and tribalism, issues that gangster movies are uniquely situated to address.

City of God Characters

Rocket, Carrot, Lil Ze/Lil Dice, Benny, Angelica, Tiago, Knockout Ned

City of God Conflicts

Violence in the City of God, Lil Ze's gang conflicts, police trying to keep violence controlled.

Annie Hall Director

Woody Allen

Annie Hall Year Released


Annie Hall Theme

What loving someone is, environment can influence personality

Annie Hall Characters

Alvy Singer, Annie Hall, Rob, Allison Portchnik, Tony Lacey (Annie's new guy in California after breakup with Alvy)

Annie Hall Conflicts

Relationship between Alvy and Annie, how to move forward

Let the Right One In Director

Thomas Alfredson

Let the Right One In Country Produced


Let the Right One In Year Released


Let the Right One In Theme

darker side of humanity, dealing with issues such as existential anxiety, school bullying, paedophilia and murder

Let the Right One In Characters

Oskar, Eli

Let the Right One In Conflicts

The relationship between Oskar and a vampire Eli, and Eli's struggle being a vampire in the real world

Infernal Affairs Director

Wai-Keung Lau, Allan Mak

Infernal Affairs Country Produced

Hong Kong (China)

Infernal Affairs Year Released


Infernal Affairs Theme

honor and loyalty and that brotherhood often has finite limits; a state of isolation is in some ways preferable

Infernal Affairs Character

Inspector Lau Kin Ming, Chen Wing Yan, SP Wong Chi Shing, Hon Sam

Infernal Affairs Conflict

The moles in the police force and the mole in the gang both try to keep their secret identies but also want their real identies back.

The Departed Director

Martin Scorsese

The Departed Year Released


The Departed Theme

the men are deeply consumed by their double life. Also a father-son relationship.

The Departed Characters

Billy/Costigan, Sullivan, Costello, Dignam, Madolyn, and Queenan

The Departed Conflicts

undercover cop Billy Costigan is assigned to infiltrate the mob syndicate run by gangland chief Costello. Sullivan, a hardened young criminal who has infiltrated the state police as an informer for the syndicate, is rising to a position of power in the Special Investigation Unit. They both try to protect their secret identities and are both trying to figure out one another.

My Neighbor Totoro Director

Hayao Miyazaki

My Neighbor Totoro Country Produced


My Neighbor Totoro Year Released


My Neighbor Totoro Theme

The innocence and magic of childhood and imagination.

My Neighbor Totoro Characters

Satsuki, Mei, and Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro Conflicts

Satsuke and Mei discover that the nearby forest is inhabited by magical creatures called Totoros. They soon befriend these Totoros, and have several magical adventures. Mei becomes lost and Satsuki and Totoro try to find her.

Thin Blue Line Director

Errol Morris

Thin Blue Line Year Released


Thin Blue Line Theme

Corruption of the Justice System

Thin Blue Line Characters

Randall Adams, David Harris, and The cop murdered

Thin Blue Line Conflicts

The unsolved murder and the investigation on whether Adams or Harris murdered the cop.

Mad Hot Ballroom Director

Marilyn Agrelo

Mad Hot Ballroom Year Released


Mad Hot Ballroom Theme

becoming that "cool" teenager vies for position with familiar innocence

Mad Hot Ballroom Characters

The teachers and the students

Mad Hot Ballroom Conflicts

Elementary school students learn to ballroom dance and enter a competion and work hard to win first place and overcome criticism

Gimme Shelter Director

Albert Maysles

Gimme Shelter Year Released


Gimme Shelter Theme

the horror of murder

Gimme Shelter Characters

The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger

Gimme Shelter Conflicts

The Rolling Stones put on a free concert and have the Hell's Angels as body gaurds and creates a large disturbance during the concert resulting in 4 deaths

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