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Rise of Islam


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the tower attached to a mosque from which the muezzin, or crier, calls the faithful to prayer five times a day
(Islam) a Muslim place of worship
Qibla Wall
the wall of a mosque that faces Mecca; the wall Muslims face when praying
Mihrab Niche
A semicircular nice set into the qibla wall of a mosque; its only function was to indicate the direction of Mecca, although it was extensively decorated.
in a mosque, the pulpit on which the imam stands
Open courtyard where you prepare to worship before entering mosque
600AD - 800AD
Time period of Rise of Islam
Ka'aba Mecca
Black object is called Ka'aba, largest Mosque in the world, Islam's holiest site (630 CE)
Dome of the Rock
Major religious site for Muslims, contains the rock upon which Mohammad ascended (685 ce)
Great Mosque Samarra
848 CE. One of the earliest Mosques ever built, known mainly for the large minaret

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