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Unit 7 Social Studies Test

This the test we learned in this unit.
19th amendment
gave women the right to vote
A town that grew in mining areas where there were rushes. These usually didn't last because the gold usually ran out, or there was no gold at all.
James Garfield
The president who got shot shortly after taking office.
Terence V. Powderly
leader of the Knights of Labor
Fort Laramie Treaty
First major agreement between U.S. officials and plains indians.
a large find of precious ore
African Americans who settled in the western lands in the late 1800's.
18th amendment
outlawed the production and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States
Exclusive right to manufacture or sell an invention.
free coinage
Type of monetary system in which both gold and silver money was coined.
Republican reformers who were upset with political corruption.
Louis Brandeis
The first Jewish person appointed to the Supreme Court.
Which group used such tactics as picketing, hunger strikes, and civil disobedience in its campaign for women's rights?
National Woman's Party
Bessemer Process...
Less expensive, easy way to make steel developed by British inventor Henry Bessemer in the 1850s.
Dry Farming...
Method of farming taught by Hardy Campbell to Great Plains farmers in the 1890s, that allowed farmers to grow crops with less water.
In Lochner v. New York , the Supreme Court ...
Ruled that states could not restrict ordinary workers' hours.
What type of organization was formed by immigrant communities to help others in case of sickness, unemployment, or death?
Benevolent societies
Range rights...
rights to water sources on the Great Plains; ranchers bought these rights to give them exclusive control of both the water and the land around it.
What did Rutherford B. hayes, James Garfield, and Chester Arthur have in common?
They brought about sweeping civil service reforms.
In collective bargaining, unions....
negotiate with factory owners on behalf of workers in a particular business or industry for better wages and working conditions.
Which state was not a site of the Gold Rush?
Which Union leader organized strikes to defend the rights of Virginia miners?
Mary "Mother" Jones
True of False: The Ghost Dance is a religous movement that spread across the plains.
True or False: The 2nd industrial revolution was a time when growth in new technology and manufacturing stabalizes.
True or False: The Peddleton Civil Act established a merit system to award goverment jobs.
True or False: Members of the American Railway union supported the Pullman Strike by refusing to work on trains carrying Pullman cars.
True or False: Ida Tarbell wrote a series of articles describing the unfair practices of the Standard Oil Company.
True or False: Along with women and African Americans, American Indians, Chinese Americans, and Mexican Americans benefitted from the reforms of the progressive era.
a group of reformers in the late 1800s, who began working to improve society