"The Stolen Party"

Rosaura thinks she is friends with Luciana, but Rosaura's mother and Luciana's cousin, do not.
Rising Action
Rosaura's mother gets her ready for the party, making her look beautiful with shiny hair and a starched skirt. Rosaura asks Luciana about the monkey and she allowed into the kitchen to see it.
Rosaura gets into an argument with a "blonde girl with a bow"; Luciana's cousin.
Falling Action
Rosaura wins the racing games and all the boys want her on their charades team. Senora Ines asks Rosaura to help pass out hot dogs and cake to the guests. Rosaura also assists the magician after the "fat boy" has dropped his monkey.
As Rosaura and her mother are leaving the party, Senor Ines, Luciana's mother gives her money and thanks the "pet" for assisting at the party. She is not given a bracelet or yo-yo like the other boys and girls.