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State Exam Practice Phlebotomy

State exam practice Phlebotomy
A person having great skill or experience in a particular field.
Obtain blood specimens.Will sometimes perform EKG'S and POCT.
What are some changes being made
Cross training hospital workers.
What is the def of phlel
To cut into a vein for any reason.
Communication skills consist of
Speaking in a pleasant tone, making eye contact, being patient.
Who was considered the father of medicine?
Barber Surgeons
A person who would cut hair, give an enema, let blood and pull teeth.
Occupational safety and Health Administration.
What does osha do?
Sets standards for a safe and healthy workplace.
What is the best way for a health care professional to avoid infection
Washing between each patient and wearing gloves.
what is susceptible host
It can be spread by direct contact with infected person.
An infectous organism is an
Is capable of spreading disease.
What is susceptible host
Someone who lacks an effective resistance to a disease.
How does an infection enter or exit susceptible host
Through respiratory tract, blood or ingestion.
An infection would cause the release of what
Never acceptable to
Store food or beverage in a refrigerator used for storing specimens.
Equipment is needed to clean up a blood spill
Gloves.Bio-hazard bag. Paper toweling and 1:10 dilution of bleach.
Following list which is not included
Urine, unless it has visible blood in it.
What is the most common injury for healthcare workers?
Needle stick injuries.
What is ppe
So germs do not get carried from one patient to another and to protect yourself from contamination.
Centers for Disease Control.
What type of antiseptic is used to clean skin
70% Isopopyl alcohol.
Which disease is easier to spread through needle stick
how can health care workers prevent needle sticks
Use only safety needle devices.
Personal protective equipment.
how should a blood tube be open to aliquot sample
The tube top should be covered and "popped" away from the phlebotomist.
where should lab coats be worn
In the work place setting.
The symbol seen on a patients doormeans
Patient is radioactive.
xWhat dept within the lab would handle blood cultures
What dept in the labhandle PTT
Coagulation/ special hematology.
What dept would handle cbc
what dept would hande crossmatch
Blood bank.
This worker assist patients restoring their physical abilities
Physical Therapy.
What is the general function of the lab
To test and analyze specimens brought into the lab.
Who helps the phlebotomist with proper timing of a Tdm
The nursing department.
in what dept would you see a patient having radioactive isotypes injected in arm
Nuclear medicine.
A na citrate tube has been drawed for an ptt for coag thee specimen should
Test within 4 hours.
What kind of specimen are sent to the anatomic paathology lab
Autopsy specimens.
The internal med dept deals with what type pf patient
General care patients.
Define venipuncture
To draw blood from a vein.
blood collected in a red tube
Will yeild serum.
3 most common veins
Basilic, cephalic, median cubital.
most common used for venipuncture
Median cubital.
some consideration used when deciding which vein
The dermal subcutaneous layer and peripheral tissue.
this blood vessels have valves
Gauge needle is most common
21-22 guage.
What is an evacted system
One that consists of vacuum tubes.
What is non evacute system
One that consists of needle and syringe.
butterfly needle
For tiny veins.
What situation would a butterfly be helpful
For pediactic patients.
if an iv site must be used for a venipucture
Distal to site of the IV.
most important in doing a venipunture
Proper patient identification.
What can a health care pro do to put a patient at ease
Have empathy for him/her.
What reaction might occur if the patient is upset or frustrated
Sympathetic blood flow could occur and the WBC and glucose will elevate.
what purpose does a tournquiet serve
It gives the vein time to fill as it "dam" the blood between the site and tourniquet.
Why should a tournquiet be removed with 1-2min
Because if left on longer, it can cause hemoconcentration.
How should a vein site be cleased
In a concentric circle.
What is most common bacterian that lives on skin
Staphylococcus aureus.
Why dont you want use the window method
Because if the patient "jumps", you may get stuck with the needle.
proper way to hold a vein
With your thumb below the site and fingers out of the way.
Which is used diagnosis diabetes
2 hour post prandial glucose test.
elevated liver functions
addtive tube
Pink for the blood bank.
what addtive is found in green top
gray top used for a glucose tolerance test
Because the additive destroys the red blood cells and preserves the sugars.
Should you draw a clearing tube when collecting a coag tube
Because it clears away the tissue thromboplastin.
how long should alchol be allowed to dry
30 to 60 seconds
what is the slanting surface at the end of a needle
what is lumen
what does it mean if vein is patent
In the vein, a state od elasticity, free, open and void of blockages from scarring or bruising.
what is capillary blood
A mixture of tissue,venous and arterial blood.
what is whole blood
Red blood cells, white cells and plasma.
what is the differance between plasma and serum
When blood clots it uses up the fibringen in the plasma and becomes serum.
what is the function of white blood cells
To carry oxygen. To protect against disease, forms antibodies.
how does platelets help coag
They rush to the site of injury because "sticky" and form a temporary plug to stop bleeding.
if the rbc lyse what analyle is affected most
for additive tubes what is the correct order of draw
Lt Blue, SST, green, lavender,gray.
what gives hemaglobin it color
Its oxygen content.
which wbc serves to engulf and digest foreign particles
which wbc serves to form antibodies to foreign particles
which wbc increase numbers in allergic reactions
What do specimens collected for ammonia levels and ABG's have in common?
They must be placed on ice and delivered immediately to the lab.
What is an autologous donation?
A personal donation from the patient for the patient.
What is an Antigen?
A foreign body that stimulates the production of an antibody.
What occurs if the body is attacked by a foreign body?
A lymphocyte produces a specific antibody and destorys the foreign body. The person can become ill.
Why bleeding time performed?
To assess the patients platelet plug formation mechanism.
By what age is it mandatory to perform PKU?
Within 72 hours but not later than 14 days of birth.
If PKU is detected what chould happen to infant?
Brain damage and mental retardation.
Therpeutic drug monitoring.
The highest concentration of the drug is in the patient.
Before doing a ABG what test must be done to assess the patients circulation?
Allen's test.
What do glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol have in common?
They must all be done in a fasting or basal state.
Why lab tests are nessary?
To diagnose and treat a patient.
When a glucose test is collected in an SST tube, it should be separated within?
30 to 45 minutes.
What should be put on the tube after you draw the blood?
Patients name, timeof day/date ,ID #, tech name.
What complication can result by drawing a patient in the feet or legs?
It can cause a thrombophlebitis.
How do you anchour a vein for venipucture?
With your thumb below the site and the rest of your fingers out of the way.
Of the following statements, which one is correct? When you draw with a syringe, you should fill the anticoagulant tubes last. You must wait until the SST clots completely before centrifuging. You must not mix the SST tube?
You must not mix the SST tube.
How can you tell if a specimen has hemolyzed?
It looks cherry red.
What is the rule for drawing patients that have had a mastectomy?
Never draw on the side of a mastectomy without a doctors written permission.
What causes a vein to move when it is punctured by the needle.
It is not anchored well.
What do you need to be aware of when working with aging skin?
Aging skin bruises very easily. Do not use tape, as the skin will come off with tape. Usually veins are not buried in fat and muscle so they will move easily.
What must you do if a patient has a seizure while drawing his/her blood?
Remove the needle, lay him/her down, turn the head to one side and protect him/her from hurting himself.
How can you avoid causing nerve damage to a patient you are drawing blood on?
Do not probe in the arm if you miss vein.
Why should you not draw from a burn area on a patient?
The skin is very thin and sensitive, and you may cause an infection.
What type of commuication skills should you use when dealing with Children?
Calm voice talking to them at thier level and patience. Let them participate as appropriate.
Under what age should a venipucture not be done on a child?
Under 6 months old.
Why should a heel stick not be done after about six months of age?
Because the child is begining to stand and the heel begins to become colloused.
Why should you never puncture the posterior curvature of the heel when doing skin puncture?
Because the bone is very near the periphery and you risk giving the baby Ostemyletis.
The intact skin serves as a (an) _______ against infection.
It is nesscesary to puncture rhe _______ layer in order to have an adaquate blood flow.
What striated muscle look like.
What hollow organ is found at the center of the circulatory system?
The heart.
What is special about cardiac muscle?
It is striped and contracts regularly.
A muscle_______when it is stimulated?
The pump of the circulatory system is _______.
Pulmonary circulation circulates blood from the heart to the_______.
The purpose of the pulmonary circulation is?
To exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide.
There are three types of blood vessels in the body they are the?
Veins, arteries and capillaries.
To carry blood away from the heart is the function of _________.
All arteries.
The ________ veins and arteries do not follow the normal blood composition of typical artieres and veins.
Microscopic in size, allowing only one cell to pass through at a time is a description of?
The blood vessel will spurt blood if it is cut.
Which blood vessels have valves?
The heart has_______ chambers.
The only time blood can be recieved into a chamber is when it is.
What part of the brain is responsible for regulating the cardiac rate?
The medulla oblongata in the brain stem.
What is the pacemaker (SA mode)?
It generates the stimulation for the heart to beat.
Heart disease is the ________ cause of death.
#1 leading.
An injury to the ________ would cut out the ability of air to reach lungs.
To what health care professionals attribute the rise of tuberculosis today?
Poorer care of the general pubic.
Some common errors that lead to health care professionions becoming involved in legal action are.....
Injury to a patient. Misidentification of a patient. Transmitting a disease to a patient. All of these.
A code of moral principles derived from a system of beliefs and values id the definition of?
Improper or unskilled care of a patient by a member of the health care team, unprofessional conduct or unreasonable lack of skill, is the definition of.....
How can a patient give his conscent for a procedure by a health care professional?
Written, orally and non-verbally. All of these.
Negligence is __________.
Failure to act or proform duties in accordance with the standard of the profession.
What group is responsible for setting the "standard of care" for Phlebotomy.
National Committee for clinical laboratory.
What determines negligance?
If there has been a breach of duty.
A patients Bill Of Rights includes the following:
The right of infromed content.
A patients consents to a procedure because he believes that ______________.
The health care professional has the knowledge, skill, and ability to perform the procedure.
Drawing a patient without his/her conscent can result in a lawsuit claiming _____________.
Assault and battery.
what antseptic should use when doing a etoh
what is basal state
The state at which the body has bee at complete rest and has not eaten for 12 hours.
How should you identify the patient?
As her/him, "What is your name?" and ask for some other information to verify it.
If a patient were to become combative, under what conditions should you draw the specimen?
When there is someone available to help.
If you stick the patient and no blood comes into the tube, what should you do?
Try readjusting the needle.
What additive is in a LT. Blue Tube?
NA Citrate.
What additive is in a red plastic tube?
Nothing it is not an additive tube.
What additive is in a lavender tube?
What additive is in a green tube?
What additive is in a SST tube?
A clot activator and serum separator.
What additive is in a gray tube?
NA, k/potassium and oxalate.