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Structure and Types of Blood Vessels Unit 7 Lecture 3


The layers of the blood vessels are continuations of the layers of the ____.

Tunica Intima

The inner most layer of a blood vessel is called ____ ____

Tunica Intima

What is the one layer found in all blood vessels?

Endothelium, Areolar CT

What two tissues is the Tunica Intima made up of?

Tunica Media

What is the middle layer of a blood vessel?

Smooth Muscle, Elastic Fibers

The Tunica Media consists mostly of _____ ____, but in large arteries it also contains _____ _____.


The Tunica Media is innervated by the _____ ANS, which causes vasoconstriction and vasodilation.

Tunica Externa

What is the outer most layer of blood vessels?

Tunica Externa

The ____ _____ anchors the blood vessel to other sturctures.

Areolar, elastic, collagen

The Tunica Externa consists mostly of ____ CT, and some ____ and ____ fibers.

Vasa Vasorum

A ___ ____ is a small blood vessel that supplys a large blood vessel when its wall is too thick to pass oxygen and nutrients.


_____ carry blood AWAY from the heart


Are artery walls thick or thin when compared to veins of the same size?

Tunica Media

Which layer is usually the thickest in an artery wall?

Collagen, elastic

Arteries contain more ____ and _____ fibers than veins.

Elastic, Muscular, Arterioles

The 3 types of arteries are ____ arteries, _____ arteries, and _____

Elastic Arteries

____ _____ are the largest type of artery. They are closest to the heart and are under the highest pressure.

Elastic Artery

This is a picture of an ____ _____, notice the thick tunica media, strung with alot of additional fibers.

Elastic Artery

The Aorta is an example of what type of artery?

Muscular Artery

This is an example of a ___ ____, notice the narrow bands of elastic fibers on either side of the tunica media


Of the three artery types, the ____ arteries are the medium sized ones.

Internal Elastic Lamina

This elastic band around the inside of the tunica media is called the _____ _____ ___

External Elastic Lamina

This elastic band aound the outside of the tunica media is called the _____ ____ ___

Muscular Artery

The femoral artery is an example of which type of artery?


This is an example of an _____, the smallest of the three artery types. Notice the relatively thin muscle layer (usually 1-6 cell layers)


The function of the arteriole is to carry blood to the ____.


What are the smallest blood vessels?

Capillary Bed

A network of capillaries is called a ____ ____

Continous, Fenestrated, Sinusoids

The three types of continous capillaries are _____ capillaries, _____ capillaries, and ______.

Continous Capillary

The most common capillary is the ____ ____.


It is called a continous capillary because of its continous ______ (no openings)


Continous capillaries use ______, a vesicular transport, for things that dont diffuse through the endothelium

Fenestrated Capillary

This is a picture of a _____ _____. (notice the "windows" in its endothelium)

Fluid, protein

A fenestrated capillary has fenestra "windows" to allow for increased ___ and ____ transport.

Endocrine Glands, Intestines, Kidneys

Fenestrated capillaries are found in ____ ___, _____, and the ______.


The type of capillary pictured is a _____. (notice the large gaps between endothelial cells)


The sinusoid is differnt from a fenestrated capillary because of its _____ basement membrane

Erythrocytes, Proteins

Sinusoids allow for the transport of large materials such as _____, and large ______.

Bone Marrow, Liver, Spleen

Sinuosoids are found in _____ _____, the _____, and the _____.


____ carry blood TOWARD the heart

Thin, Large

Veins have relativly ___ walls and ____ lumin, compared to arteries of the same size.

Tunica Externa

Which layer of the wall is usually thickest in a vein?

Venules, Veins

What are the two types of veins?


This is a _____(notice its small size, no valves are present)


Are venules large or small when compared to veins?


These are both ____ (notice the large sizes and the presence of valves)


Veins contain semilunar valves because blood is not under sufficent ______ to overcome gravity.

Liver, Veins

Approximatly 2/3 of the body's blood is found in the _____, and _____

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