Indiana Driver Permit Study Guide

DUI if Blood Alcohol Level is over...
Automatically agrees to B.A.L. test if arrested suspicious of D.U. I.
Implied Consent Law
Traffic officers can overrule...
lights, signs
Driving a motor vehicle in the State of Indiana is a privilege or right?
a limited learner permit issued for the sole purpose of allowing a student driver to enroll in a BMV-approved driver education course
driver education learner permit
must be at least 15 years of age at time of issuance; must provide proof of identity and date of birth from the current ID list; show proof of enrollment in BMV-approved driver education program; pass standard vision test; have appropriate family member sign financial responsibility agreement portion of application if under 18
eligibility for driver education learner permit
must be accompanied by certified driving instructor in front seat of car equipped w/dual brake; parent, etc. who holds valid driver license; once pass drivers' ed w/validation, extends to relatives 21 and up
extent of driving privileges with driver education learner permit
allows an individual to practice driving to qualify for an operator license
learner permit
depends upon the age of holder: under 18, relative at least 21 w/valid driver license; 18 and up, anyone w/valid driver license
extent of driving privileges with learner permit
gives a holder 18 years of age or older full driving privileges to operate most standard vehicles on Indiana roads
operator license
during 90 days following issuance, may not operate a motor vehicle in which there are passengers unless another individual at least 21 w/valid operator license is in front seat
probationary license
chauffeur license gross vehicle weight rating
16,000-26,000 pounds
public passenger chauffeur license maximum people for hire
a vehicle with a declared gross vehicle weight rating in excess of 26,000 pounds; one designed or used to transport 16 or more persons including driver; one used and placarded to transport hazardous materials
commercial driver license
applying for a learner permit; first-time applicants for specific license type; valid license but have not reached 21 upon renewal who have active points on applicant's driving record maintained by bureau; hold out-of-state license need Indiana; Indiana license expired 2 years or more; 6 or more active points on Indiana driving record
written examination required
maximum number of examinations that an applicant who holds a driver education permit can fail when applying for operator license
failure of 3 exams while holding driver ed permit requires individual to meet requirements to obtain
learner permit to hold for at least 60 days
pass drivers' ed w/ B or higher
BMV waives road test requirement
failure to use defroster or wipers when needed
point deduction
failure to use both hand on the wheel
point deduction
selecting the wrong gear
point deduction
failure to signal
point deduction
driving too slowly for conditions
point deduction
overrunning a crosswalk/stop line/stop sign
point deduction
stopping unnecessarily
point deduction
failure to turn into correct lane
point deduction
failure to check blind spot
point deduction
slowing speed when changing lanes
point deduction
backing too fast
point deduction
leaving turn signal on after complete lane change
point deduction
driving too closely to the vehicle ahead or a parked vehicle
point deduction
failure to obey road signs, traffic laws, or school zone rules
failure to stop for school buses with stop arm extended
straddles marked lines
driving too close to pedestrians, bicycles or vehicles
driving left of center
failure to pull over and stop for emergency vehicles
running off the roadway
backing over the curb when parallel parking
having an accident or making contact with another vehicle
failure to react to hazardous driving conditions
failure to yield right of way
turning from improper lanes
failure to stop at stoplights or stop signs completely
maximum number of missed sign questions
3 sign categories
regulatory, warning, guidance
hazards ahead that would otherwise be difficult to see
warning signs
to destinations by clearly identifying the route
guidance signs
traffic speed and movement
regulatory signs
not the law, but recommended
advisory speed plate
where to look at intersections to decide whether or not to turn right
all around
if in left turn lane, wait for oncoming traffic
green light (no arrow)
never drive to the left of this except to turn
solid yellow line
used to separate multiple lanes of traffic going in the same direction
white lane markings
to change lanes: first make sure traffic directly ahead is...
second step in changing lanes
check mirrors
where do you look when you turn your head in the direction you wish to proceed when changing lanes?
blind spot
how many lanes do you change at a time?
how many feet from turn do you change lanes to prepare for a turn?
do not change lanes in where?
when turning right on red, do you have to stop at the traffic light?
when turning right on red, make sure there are no____in the path of the turn
vehicles or pedestrians
when turning right on red, do not interfere with the____of any vehicle or pedestrian who is moving in the direction of the turn
when making a u-turn, always yield right-of-way to __ vehicles and to any pedestrians
never make a u-turn on any ___ in the road
do not pass when on or approaching a
how many seconds behind the vehicle ahead should you be? (following distance)
children under 8 must be in child restraint system unless reasonably determined that child cannot fit in c.r.s.; children 8-15 must wear seatbelt
child passenger restraint system
national safety council recommends putting children under the age of ___ in the back seat
drivers must use headlights between
sunset and sunrise
drivers must use headlights whenever visibility is less than ___ feet
use when approaching within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle or when following w/in 200 feet of the rear of another vehicle
lower headlight beams
turn steering wheel in controlled manner in direction rear of the car is sliding, w/traction straighten vehicle and proceed slowly; skidding when your vehicle has?
conventional brakes
keep foot on brake pedal, maintaining firm and continuous pressure while steering normally; skidding if your vehicle has ?
anti-lock brake system
true or false: pump the brakes with ABS?
vehicle traveling on a thin layer of oil, dirt and water when driving on wet roads
hydroplaning increases/decrease with speed?
range of distance for vehicles carrying passengers for hire, buses carrying passengers, vehicles carrying explosives or flammable liquids to stop at railroad crossing
15 - 50 feet
emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police vehicles, fire vehicles, emergency rescue vehicles display ____ flashing light
volunteer firefighter vehicles display___flashing light
certified emergency medical technician responding to an emergency (privately owned vehicle) displays ___flashing light
at least 70% of accidents leading to property damage, injuries and death is result of
human error
written report of accident required for how much monetary damage to property
after accident, furnish proof of financial responsibility by showing
liability insurance policy
refusal to submit to breathalyzer test will face
license suspension of up to one year
failure of breathalyzer test may suspend person's driving privileges for up to ___days
slow down within ___ feet of an intersection or railroad crossing
slow down within ____feet of a bridge, viaduct or tunnel
illegal to park within ___feet of a fire hydrant or in fire lanes
max speed limit rural interstate highway passenger vehicles
max speed limit rural interstate highway trucks 26,000+ pounds
max speed limit rural interstate highway school buses
max speed limit rural interstate highway passenger vehicles when posted effective july 2005
max speed limit rural interstate highway trucks 26,000+ pounds when posted effective july 2005
max speed limit rural state divided highway
max speed limit urban interstate highway
max speed limit united states federal route
max speed limit rural state highways
max speed limit most residential areas
max speed limit county roads
4 aspects of safe driving on interstate highways
speed, alertness, planning ahead, mering
special interstate traffic prohibitions (4)
backing up, u-turns, stopping on shoulder, large trucks