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  1. "The Miracle" controversy
  2. Bing Crosby
  3. LP's
  4. Hollywood Ten
  5. Warner Bros Presents
  1. a Long play record, used primarily by classical operas, required switching disks during a song
  2. b Advertised WB movies, not very good
  3. c Show on NBC radio, did not like regimentation of radio, cut his live performances using tapes
  4. d Ten writers/producers/directors subpoenaed to appear in court, somehow loosely associated with Communism, asked if they were now or ever a Communist, took the 5th
  5. e Given an ok by NY state censors, Catholics get mad, say its sacrilegious, NY board pulls license, filmmakers sue

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  1. Ring sports, no videotape, almost always live
  2. Head of HUAC
  3. MPAA head Eric Johnston read it, stated that industry would not hire any of the Hollywood 10 or any communists, began the blacklist
  4. i. Handheld Camera
    ii. Improvising plot and dialogue
    iii. Trial and Error
    iv. Neo-realist influences
    v. Lack of establishing shots
    vi. Elliptical editing
    vii. Long takes
    viii. Self-referential
  5. Lift ban on TV station consturction, expands TV's frequency allocation to the detriment of FM

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  1. Consent DecreeWorked for Time, Inc, proposed new style of documentary that did for video what Life Magazine did for photojournalism, relying on images


  2. Ampex 20016mm camera focused on a monitor, recording TV shows as they happened


  3. Edward R MurrowI. Rejection of nonfiction film traditions
    II. Rejection of traditional direction and script
    III. Uncontrolled filming of real people in real situations
    IV. Creation of a model of reality that includes many types of ambiguity
    V. Spontaneous sense of the viewer's being there
    VI. Use of lightweight, portable equipment
    VII. Live sound recording
    VIII. Primacy of observation over narration
    IX. Primacy of editing over long-take cinematography
    X. Primacy of form over content


  4. Cinema of qualityFrench blockbusters, straightforward rigid plots


  5. Top 40William Castle's first gimmick featuring a skeleton that flies out of the screen over the heads of the audience