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  1. Art cinema (reading strategy)
  2. Committee for the First Amendment
  3. Anti-blacklist films
  4. Chicago style
  5. Crosby/Mullen
  1. a Based on "medium integrity" - focused on close-ups, not very flashy, direct address to home viewers, wanted intimacy
  2. b Paid attention to movement, editing, light, darkness, and composition. Really had to pay attention to understand these films
  3. c Number of people went to Washington to support Hollywood 10, but left when John Howard Lawson took an aggressive approach
  4. d Crosby hired Mullen as chief engineer to to develop commercial recorders
  5. e "The Day the Earth Stood Still," "High Noon," subtly going against blacklist ideas

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  1. Made direct cinema films "Titicut Follies" and "High School"
  2. Invented large tape recorder in Germany in 1920s, AEG took over, and he developed magnetophon
  3. DJ playing Rhythm and blues, in 1954 moves to NYC to create "Moondog Show," which becomes "Rock N Roll Show"
  4. D: Otto Preminger, comedy of seduction in which the word "virgin" is used in dialogue, no Production Code seal, still distributed to 4,000 theaters and very successful
  5. 1954, 1956,

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  1. Hollywood Ten Notable MembersInvented large tape recorder in Germany in 1920s, AEG took over, and he developed magnetophon


  2. CinemascopeWilliam Castle's first gimmick featuring a skeleton that flies out of the screen over the heads of the audience


  3. American Business ConsultantsCompany made by 3 ex-FBI agents, created "Red Channels"


  4. Hi-FiHigh Fidelity - marketing term for new records/tech that produced better sound


  5. Jean Luc-GodardCalle de Cinema critic turned filmmaker, made Breathless, which used jump cuts, long takes, fly on the wall feeling, eavesdropping on conversations, shooting at real locations with people observing camera, similar to Brecht's distantiation techniques