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  1. Production code loosenings
  2. Percepto
  3. Early Chicago style tv showa
  4. Crossfire
  5. Modernism
  1. a Kukla, Fran & Ollie - with puppets
    Ding Dong School - kids show
    Garroway at Large - variety show with Dave Garroway
  2. b William Castle's "The Tingler" featured vibrating chairs, only a few in each theater, called Percepto
  3. c 1954, 1956,
  4. d 1947 D: Edward D ymtryk-- attack on anti-semitism viewed as Communist propaganda
  5. e an art movement characterized by the deliberate departure from tradition and the use of innovative forms of expression, very meta

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  1. 12-step program where you could pay the company to clear your name if you were blacklisted
  2. People would write to sponsors threatening to boycott if they didn't fire supposed communists from their shows
  3. Film directed by Elia Kazan, written by Tennessee Williams, Warner Bros cut material to appease Catholic Legion of Decency, Kazan mad and forms own company called Newtown Productions
  4. Company made by 3 ex-FBI agents, created "Red Channels"
  5. 1956 - $75k for one, not used widely, mostly for networks, detractors said video tool away from the live experience of television

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  1. DumontHigh Fidelity - marketing term for new records/tech that produced better sound


  2. William CastleDirector that relied on crazy, cheap gimmicks like Emergo and Percepto


  3. Bwana DevilDirector of obscure films that embody art cinema, like Horishima, Mon Amour and Last Year at Marienbad


  4. United Artists Buy-outRobert Benjamin and Arthur Kirmm buy out Chaplin and Pickford in 1951. Independents include Stanley Kramer, Kirk Douglas, John Wayne, William Wyler, Otto Preminger


  5. Quiz Show scandals1955 - high profile primetime shows, among them The $64,000 Question - Charles Van Doren, popular contestant, knocks out previous champion, who says he's being fed the answers. Congressional investigation found out it was true, many shows cancelled, single sponsorship programming ended because they had too much power