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  1. Hollywood Ten Notable Members
  2. Robert Drew
  3. J. Parnell Thomas
  4. Boris Rosing
  5. Fritz Pfleumer
  1. a Invented large tape recorder in Germany in 1920s, AEG took over, and he developed magnetophon
  2. b Head of HUAC
  3. c 1907, first to use a cathode ray tube as a receiver for a mechanically scanned image.
  4. d Edward Dmytryk, Adrian Scott, John Howard Lawson, Dalton Trumbo
  5. e Worked for Time, Inc, proposed new style of documentary that did for video what Life Magazine did for photojournalism, relying on images

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  1. Types of pretentious theaters, 200 in 1956, 500 by 1966
  2. Told HUAC what they wanted to hear, said people were indeed trying to inject communis, into Hollywood, included Louis B Mayer from GMG, Walt Disney, Robert Montgomery
  3. (NBC, 1948-1956) Milton Berle a.k.a. Uncle Miltie or Mr. Television hosts, 39-week season
  4. Helped further wireless, invited by David Sarnoff to work at RCA, instead of improving AM he starts FM (Frequency Modulation)
  5. Coon-skin caps took off

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  1. Jean Luc-GodardInexpensive color, only one strip of film, but fades very quickly


  2. Philo T. FarnsworthFarm boy that created electrical TV at just 16, wins patent for his all-electronic television, but is sued by Vladimir Zworykin of RCA. RCA eventually paid Farnsworth one million dollars for patent licenses, for TV scanning, focusing, synchronizing, contrast and controls devices.


  3. 3-Strip TechnicolorVery expensive, used three strips of film each with its own color, then brought them together - used in Wizard of Oz, looks great but costs a lot


  4. "Harvest of Shame"Episode of CBS Reports that shocked many by exposing conditions of American workers, with Edward R Murrow


  5. Faraway HillFirst soap opera, on DuMont network