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  1. Profit sharing
  2. Media response to nuclear threat
  3. "The Robe"
  4. Ring sports in early TV programming
  5. Suburbanization
  1. a "Educational" films
  2. b People are moving out of cities, theaters usually built downtown in cities
  3. c First Cinemascope film, huge hit
  4. d Boxing, wrestling, roller derby, easy to shoot with two cameras, physical, action-packed, clear victories, works well in bars where early tvs were
  5. e Distributors will give money to independents if they release their films on time

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  1. By Paul Nipkow in Germany, a form of mechanical TV that was a rotating disk with holes, light would shine through and be sent out as electrical impulses, image was bad, had a lot of moving parts
  2. "The Day the Earth Stood Still," "High Noon," subtly going against blacklist ideas
  3. Advertised WB movies, not very good
  4. worked with Boris Rosing on first cathode ray tube reciever for TV
  5. 1954, 1956,

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  1. Newton Minow12-step program where you could pay the company to clear your name if you were blacklisted


  2. "High Noon"D: Elia Kazan, he was given final cut by Warner Brothers, film denounced by Catholic Church, again still did very well, practically the end of production code


  3. "Baby Doll"D: Roberto Rosselilini (1948) Part of "The Ways of Love"
    Peasant woman falls in love with someone she thinks is St Joseph and gets pregnant


  4. Les PaulTodd Storz and Gordon McLendon played top 40 songs in any group in 1950s, never any stopping constantly blasting sound, by 1960s there are hundreds of top 40 stations


  5. Ed Sullivan IncidentPaul Draper, dancer, came on Ed Sullivan show, he was accused of Communism earlier but had cleared his name, immediately after Sullivan books ads apologizing for booking him, Draper never works in US again


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