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  1. Specialized Radio Stations
  2. Problems with AM Radio
  3. Waldorf Declaration
  4. Alain Resnais
  5. French New Wave Technologies
  1. a Shift from to live to recorded music, playing for certain demographics, like race music, rhythm and blues,
  2. b MPAA head Eric Johnston read it, stated that industry would not hire any of the Hollywood 10 or any communists, began the blacklist
  3. c Director of obscure films that embody art cinema, like Horishima, Mon Amour and Last Year at Marienbad
  4. d Staticky due to interference (Amplitude Modulation)
  5. e i. Handheld Camera
    ii. Improvising plot and dialogue
    iii. Trial and Error
    iv. Neo-realist influences
    v. Lack of establishing shots
    vi. Elliptical editing
    vii. Long takes
    viii. Self-referential

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  1. Farm boy that created electrical TV at just 16, wins patent for his all-electronic television, but is sued by Vladimir Zworykin of RCA. RCA eventually paid Farnsworth one million dollars for patent licenses, for TV scanning, focusing, synchronizing, contrast and controls devices.
  2. Assigned to assess captured German tech, came across magnetophon recorders, sent some to D.C. and took some home, improved them and demonstrated them for Crosby
  3. Registers Bill Haley songs and makes "Rock 'N' Roll Movie" which made a ton of movies, inspiring further rock'n'roll teenpics
  4. taking a model and tweaking it slightly, like CSI, WB Detective Series
  5. First show shown on the cable

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  1. Local programming in early televisionShot on simple sets with two cameras, Chicago style


  2. 3-Strip TechnicolorVery expensive, used three strips of film each with its own color, then brought them together - used in Wizard of Oz, looks great but costs a lot


  3. Hollywood Ten Notable MembersEdward Dmytryk, Adrian Scott, John Howard Lawson, Dalton Trumbo


  4. John Logie Bairdscottish inventor; 1926--first to demonstrate a television system before a gathering of 50 scientists in his attic workshop, stretched cable from London to Glasgow and London to New York - bad resolution


  5. "The Miracle" controversyA 1952 Western film starring Gary Cooper who plays a sheriff fighting a gang without any support from the town, meant to mirror blacklist, written by Carl Foreman just a week before he himself was blacklisted