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What was the percent that immigration dropped because of the Great Depression?


The Great Depression

More people left the country then came
Businesses folded
Banks closed
People lost jobs and homes
People left US

What did WWII shut down?


1940 Alien Act

Congress passed
Required all resident aliens to register with government

Japan Attacked Pearl Harbor

US joined war against Germany, Italy and Japan


Held Prisoner

Japanse were....

Held prison in 10 camps in the middle of the US

Chinese Americans benefited from war

Won new respect

What did the US do as a gesture of appreciation towards the Chinese?

They repealed Exclusion Act of 1943, allowing Chinese to become citizens

WWII pulled out of economic depression

Negative attitudes changed (relaxed)

Displaced Persons Act of 1948

205,000 World War II refugees to enter US over 2 years

Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952

No racial restrictions for entering or exiting country which caused a domino effect
Stopped spread of communism in Eastern Europe
Gave more leeway with deporting people
Allowed relatives to be "non quota"

Civil Rights Movement

Through 1960s
Made US more aware of racism
Showed it wasn't okay

Congress eliminated Nation Origin system

Tied admission to family, skills and refugee status
Immigration Act allowed to bring family

Immigration Act 1965

Eliminated national origin system

What did the Immigration Act 1965 look at?

Family members here?
Skills the US needs?
Can you get refugee status?

Chain Migration

One family member came at a time
Relatives brought relatives to US
Capped at 290,000

How was the quota based?

Based on hemisphere,
No immigration for Asia or Europe

1978 Worldwide Quota

Freer acceptance of people from all parts of the world

Result of Vietnam War

Exceptions to quotas

Refugee Act of 1980

Removed refugees from the preference categories and established clear procedures for admission

Cubans and Haitians came to US through FL

Cubans welcomed
Haitians turned away
"White" and "Black"

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