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The axon

intitiates impulses and transmits impulses, generally away from the cell body.

Which of the following is NOT true about the myelin sheath?

It decreases the speed of nerve impulse conduction.


Recieve impulses and carry them toward a cell body.

The sodium/potassium pump is primarily responsible for the

resting potential

A nerve impulse is

a change in the distribution of positive and negative ions on the outer and inner surfaces of the neuron membrance that opens adjacent channels and propagates its flow.

A nerve impulse

is an all or nothing event that occurs following a threshold depolarization.

The point at which voltage gated Na channels open intiating an action potential is called


Depolarization during an action potential is primarily due to the movement of

Na+ to the inside

Repolarization during an action potential is primarily due to

K+ to the outside

When the dorsal rool of a spinal nerve is cut,

incoming sensory nerve impulses are lost.

The primary functions of the spinal cord involve

relfex actions and communication between the brain and spinals nerves.

A nerve is

composed of the long fibers of long axons.

Which part of a simple reflex arc takes the message away from the CNS?

motor neuron

The membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord are called


Which is NOT a correct association of brain structures and functions?

Limbic system- heart rate

Which part of the brain contains highest control centers for the heartbeat, respiration, temp, and thirst?


Consciousness is best associated with

the cerebrum.

True or False: Individuals can remain "alive" for long periods of time without cerebral function.


When individuals experience pain and pleasure, the _____ has been stimulated.

Limbic system

The two major types of sensory receptors, bases on the origin of stimuli, are

exteroceptors and interoceptors

Perception of stimuli occurs

in the cerebrum

When a stimulis is continuous but sensory receptors no longer respond to it, the process is called

sensory adaptation

Which portion of the brain may be called the "gateway to consciousness"?


Which portion of the brain is necessary for coordination and balance?


Which is NOT a correct association of sensory receptors?

Thermoreceptors- pressure waves sensed as "hearing"

Taste buds and olfactory cells are considered


The receptors that detect position and movement of limbs are called


On the retina there is an oval, yellowish area with a depression in which vision for color is most acute. This are is called the

fovea centralis

The structure that regulates the size of the opening for light in the eye and is similar to a camera diaphram, is the


The sclera is continuous with the


The ___ controls the change in shape of the lens needed for near and far vision.

Ciliary muscle

Which types of receptor is found in the retina?

rods and cones

Which of the following is NOT necessary to "see" and object?

frontal lobe of the cerebrum

Which of the following is most closely associated with color vision?


If the cornea is uneven, light rays are not focused evenly on the retina and a fuzzy image is formed. This condition is called


The malleus, incus, stapes are

located between the tympanic membrane and the oval window.

Which correctly traces the path of a sound vibration unitl the signal is sent to the brian?

auditory canal>tympanic membrane>malleus>incus>stapes>oval window>spiral organ>cochlear nerve

From your understanding of the anatomy of the ear, what is the most likely explanation for a dogs ability to hear higher frequencies(pitch)?

A wider range to the tectorial membrane and hair cells.

The spiral oregan (organ of Corti) consists of the

hair cells and tectorial membrane

The sense of equilibrium is accomplished by hair cells associated with the

ampulla and semicircular canals

Which of these would you NOT expect to find associated with a long bone?

Smooth muscle

Which is NOT a correct association of bone structures and functions?

canaliculi-large central cavity in the center of the bone shaft

Which of the following is NOT a function of bones?

provide a non-living "concrete" architecture

The type of bone tissue that has lacunae, concentric circles around osteons, and is found in the mid portion of a long bone is

compact bone

A bone marrow transplant normally used to

supply blood-cell forming material

In young people who are still developing, a band of cartilage called a ____ remains between the primary ossification cener and each secondary ossicfication center.

growth plate

_____ is a condition in many older women in which the bones become weak and then.


Which is NOT a correct association of facial bones?

zygomatic bones- bridge of the nose

Which of the following bones is NOT part of the axial skeleton?


Which of the following bones is NOT part of the pelvic girdle?


The radium is to the ulna as the

fibula is to the tibia

Classification of joints is primarily based on


Which of the following attach muscle to bone?


What is the correct order that a motor nerve stimulation encounters structures in triggering a contraction?

motor nerve>synaptic cleft>sarcolemma>sarcoplasmic reticulum>troponin

Name the neuromuscular transmitter that is released at the axon bulb


A maximal sustained muscle contraction is called a


Skeletal muscles

work in antagonistic pairs

Which part of a muscle twith occurs when the sarcomere distance is decreasing?

Contraction period

In relaxed muscle, calcium is

stored in the endoplamic reticulum

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