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  1. depth
  2. radial balance
  3. thumbnail sketch
  4. form
  5. organic
  1. a a small pencil drawings used to develop the initial concept for a design
  2. b a shape having three dimensions height, width and depth
  3. c art based an the irregular shapes of nature
  4. d a catagory of balance in which lines or shapes radiate from a center point
  5. e space that indicates three dimensions creating a feeling of near and for

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  1. is created by using opposites near or beside one another such as a light object next to a dark object or a rough tecture next to a smooth texture
  2. formal balance of the elements; the same mirror image on both sides of artwork
  3. the theory of pereiving and enjoying something for its beauty
  4. the organization of the art elements and principles into a plan
  5. a person who makes artworks and is skilled in composing subject matter and the elements of art with a variety of art materials and procedures

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  1. negative spacethe empty space surronding shapes or solid forms in a work of art


  2. patternrefers to the lightness or darkness of a color


  3. contourthe outline of a figure, body, or mass


  4. valueshading through the smooth gradual of light and dark value


  5. asymmetrical balancea catagory of balance in which lines or shapes radiate from a center point