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trouble shooting class study guide

A circle where data is stored on a drive is called a


Which interface requires a ribbon cable and a built-in controller on the drive itself?


How many drives can be supported with ATA-2 (sometimes called EIDE)?


What type of connector do modern PATA drives use for power?


Which interface enables non-hard drive devices to connect to the PC via the ATA controllers?


How many wires does the SATA interface have?


How many pins does an EIDE (ATA) drive have?


Which drive type does not require jumper settings?


The drive technology that supports only a single device per controller channel is known as


What is a series of SCSI devices working together through a host adapter called?

SCSI chain

If a SCSI device is at the end of a chain, what must be done to the chain?


What's the minimum number of drives needed for RAID 5?


What type of memory do laptops, memory cards, USB thumb drives, and hand-held devices often use?

flash ROM

What is the process of spreading data across multiple drives called?

disk striping

What is disk mirroring also known as?


How many devices are supported per SATA controller channel?


What tool in Windows is used to configure and manage hard drives and RAID levels?

disk management

What takes control of the boot process from the system BIOS?


How many partitions can be active at any given point in time?


Basic hard drive partition tables support up to how many partitions?


Which sector stores the location of the operating system boot files?

volume boot sector

Which partition is the operating system is stored in?


What is the default primary partition for Windows?


If a PC can boot to both Windows XP and Linux or Windows Vista, what is this called?


How many extended partitions can be created in a hard drive?


In Windows what is assigned to each partition?

drive letter

Where can a PC make a backup copy of the OS for later restoration?

recovery partition

What tool can you use to find additional space on your hard drive?

disk clean up

What tool in Windows is used to partition and format a drive?

disk management

What is a mount point?

a drive that functions likea folder on another drive

What will happen to your data if you try to convert a dynamic disk back to a basic disk?

it'll be erased and you'll have to start from the basics

How do you change a basic disk to dynamic in Windows?

right-click and select convert to dynamic disk

How do you make a dynamic volume bigger in Windows?

creating a spanned volume

What is the storage capacity of the present day 3½-inch floppy disk?

1.44 MB

What is the speed of High-Speed USB 2.0?

480 MBPS

Which of the following would prove more damaging to a CD-RW

scratching the topof the disc

CD-ROMs store data using ____ burned into a glass master CD-ROM with a powerful laser.

microchip pits

CD-ROM drives use a ____ and mirrors to read the data off a CD-ROM.


All modern CD-R drives allow you to burn additional data onto a CD-R disc until the disc is full. What are these called?

multisession driver

What kind of memory do USB drives use?

flash ROM

What is the storage capacity of a single-layer Blu-ray Disc?

25 GB

You may need to change the ____ in CMOS to install a new OS from the installation media.

boot priority

Which of the following is a group of compression standards for both audio and video?


ATAPI CD-ROMs have regular ____ PATA (IDE) connectors and master/slave jumpers.

40 pin

Which of the following is a complete copy of a CD that can be burned to another CD to make a duplicate?

ISO file

Be sure to orient the colored stripe on the side of the floppy cable to ____ on the motherboard floppy controller.


What can be used to read different USB cards?

card reader

What is the DVD Region Code for the U.S.A. and Canada?

region 1

Conventionally, if there is only one floppy drive, which drive letter should it be assigned?


The inability of the source device to keep up with the burner is known as

buffer underrun

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