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Chapter 6
a property of moving things and means inertia but in motion. p=mv. units: kgm/s or Ns
the product of force and time. J=Ft. impulse is the change in momentum. units: kgm/s or Ns
impulse changes momentum
the greater the impulse exerted on something, the greater the change in momentum
impulses are generally greater when objects bounce because it creates double impulse.
conservation of momentum
states that in the absence of an external force, the momentum remains unchanged. momentum is not created or destroyed. Pi=Pf
for all collisions momentum is conserved and in the abscence of external forces, net momentum before collisions is the same as the net momentum after the collision
elastic collisions
occur when colliding objects rebound without lasting deformation/generation of heat
inelastic collisions
occur when colliding objects result in deformation and/or generation of heat