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A six state region in the North Eastern US

New England

Natural Features that served as Trade routes, railroad routes and modren highway routes

river valleys

mountains in the eastern US


a large city formed when one city expands into another


devices used by early industrialists to convert water power into mechanical power

water wheels

raming in the northeast is fairly difficult because of the region's

thin soil later and steep hills

the mining industry in the Northeast relies heavily upon the extraxtion of


cities along the Atlantic coast grew in importance as

shipbuilding centers

the northeast was one of the early sites of the Industrial Revolution necause of its

water power

tropical tree that grows in swampy coastal areas


first planned city in the US

Washington DC

imaginary line between the Appalachian Mtns and the Atlantic Coastal

fall line

southern states that stretch from the Carolinas to California


marshy inlet of a lake or river


the economic development of the South has been chaped by it natural resources


since the 1950's buisnesses have been attracted to the South because of its

cheaper land and labor

the south is a major retirement and tourism center because of its

mild climate

dark colored organic soil


place where buyers and sellers deal for grain

grain exchange

average number of day between spring frost and fall frost

growing season

tall building equipped with machines to process grain

grain elevator

tube system for carrying water


transportaion network that allowed growth of western cities

trans-continental railway

a dry, colde, treeless plain


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