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  1. What belies what in this poem? (Sonnet 130)
  2. What needs to be in past tense and what in present?
  3. What did Anglo-Saxons think ruled every aspect of their lives?
  4. Explain Bassanio's promise to Portia and why he breaks it
  5. What was the world-wide era called during the Anglo-Saxon period?
  1. a He promises to wear Portia's ring until he dies, he breaks it because the judge (Portia) asks for it after the case
  2. b Dark Ages
  3. c the woman belies false comparisons
  4. d Fate
  5. e Past tense: Anything about author's life
    Present: Plot of the book, everything author does through/in the book

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  1. the work in relation to the world
  2. 1. Literature (a copy of a copy) leads us further from the time; assumed that author tries to represent this world in his writing.
    2. Poetry appeals to our irrational side; we shouldn't encourage our irrational side which is emotional and untrustworthy
    3. Poetry is the result of a mad possession by one god or another, and it's contagious.
  3. Christian finds promise which is a key that unlocks every door in the castle.
  4. Five points represent unity, they are woven together; they stand or fall together
  5. The people of the renaissance did not like religion because of the rules and regulations

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  1. What deal do the husband and wife make? (Get up and bar the door)a bet; whoever talked first would have to get up and bar the door


  2. Love sprinted by, yelling goodbyePentameter


  3. Purificationspiritual enlightenment


  4. Why did God withhold rest from man?So they would want the creator, not creation, make us seek him


  5. What is her main objection to what he offers? (the nymph's reply)Fate