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  1. What deal do the husband and wife make? (Get up and bar the door)
  2. The Sublime
  3. What is the best age, and why? (to the virgins)
  4. What are stone walls unable to do?
  5. How well does Reason do his job?
  1. a a bet; whoever talked first would have to get up and bar the door
  2. b a passage that overwhelms you; different worlds, values, feelings, ideas converge; can be heard again and again with equal pleasure; transcends time and space; echoes the soul; hides artistic endeavor
  3. c young age, things get worse and worse when you grow older
  4. d they are unable to make a prison
  5. e Reason is a deputy, doesn't do his job well

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  1. 1625
  2. God out of the machine (cheap ending)
  3. Takes a position on an existing argument b/t critics; build an argument about the book not immediately apparent from simple reading of the novel
  4. It says something a little strange; makes a lot of info irrelevant; hooks the reader
  5. Dark Ages

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  1. How does he describe her breath? (sonnet 130)fool


  2. Inevitabilitystories have a sense of inevitability


  3. How do Christian and Hopeful escape Doubting Castle?He argues that the Psyche is the best and the worst-the best person and at the same time the accursed. She is offered to the Shadowbrute because she is pure, but she puts on the sins (scapegoat) of the people. Loving and devouring can be interpreted to be that the god is overwhelming, and he consumer us.


  4. How does he feel about how long he has loved her? (constant lover)he can't believe it, feels good about himself


  5. Love rolls down the tracksMetaphor