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  1. What was unusual about The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle?
  2. What are the dates of the Angle-Saxon Period?
  3. How does Sir Gawain respond to his recognition?
  4. Names the four loves in Greek
  5. What is the date of St. Augustine's arrival?
  1. a Sir Gawain feels terrible, but the Green Knight is forgiving and humble, therefore Sir Gawain isn't afraid to hide his belt
  2. b Written in English
  3. c 449-1066
  4. d 597
  5. e Storge (Motherly Love), Phileo (Brotherly Love/Friendship), Eros (Romantic Love), Agape (Sacrificial Love)

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  1. stories have a sense of inevitability
  2. He has no hamartia (flaw)
  3. a poet, historian, courtier, soldier, explorer, spy
  4. 1. Literature (a copy of a copy) leads us further from the time; assumed that author tries to represent this world in his writing.
    2. Poetry appeals to our irrational side; we shouldn't encourage our irrational side which is emotional and untrustworthy
    3. Poetry is the result of a mad possession by one god or another, and it's contagious.
  5. She does not love him anymore, but wishes they were still together

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  1. What is the date of the Anglo-Saxon Invasion?449-1066


  2. How is the audience led to feel about Jessica's character?700


  3. In medias resin the middle (of conflict)


  4. Probabilitystories follow laws of probability


  5. Clarificationthe work in relation to the reader