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  1. What idea about beauty does Sonnet 130 contradict?
  2. Names the four loves in Greek
  3. Renaissance Man
  4. Five accented syllables per line
  5. Interpret Lorenzo's speech about the stars
  1. a Storge (Motherly Love), Phileo (Brotherly Love/Friendship), Eros (Romantic Love), Agape (Sacrificial Love)
  2. b we can't be like the stars because we are under sin
  3. c Pentameter
  4. d The idea that looks cannot get in the way of true love
  5. e a poet, historian, courtier, soldier, explorer, spy

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  1. 700
  2. a struggle with a past master
  3. Fate
  4. Herot=island near Denmark, Beowulf came from Geatland
  5. the work in relation to the author

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  1. Purificationintellectual wonder


  2. What was composed around 700?Beowulf


  3. What makes a song a ballad?it is a narrative poem that tells a story


  4. What two things should a good topic sentence do?Takes a position on an existing argument b/t critics; build an argument about the book not immediately apparent from simple reading of the novel


  5. Why would a man want God to ravish him?lie down, entangle in her hair, fettered eyes


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