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  1. What quotations show the mix of feelings?
    (The Wife's Lament)
  2. What is the date of St. Augustine's arrival?
  3. Where is Herot and where did Beowulf come from?
  4. Why did God withhold rest from man?
  5. For what reasons did Plato kick the poets out of the republic?
  1. a Herot=island near Denmark, Beowulf came from Geatland
  2. b So they would want the creator, not creation, make us seek him
  3. c 597
  4. d 1. Literature (a copy of a copy) leads us further from the time; assumed that author tries to represent this world in his writing.
    2. Poetry appeals to our irrational side; we shouldn't encourage our irrational side which is emotional and untrustworthy
    3. Poetry is the result of a mad possession by one god or another, and it's contagious.
  5. e "All that has failed and our love is as if it had never been."

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  1. Reason is a deputy, doesn't do his job well
  2. our lack of rest pulls us up to God, our blessings weigh us down
  3. Conceit
  4. a poem that idealizes rustic, country life
  5. a passage that overwhelms you; different worlds, values, feelings, ideas converge; can be heard again and again with equal pleasure; transcends time and space; echoes the soul; hides artistic endeavor

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  1. Two lines of poetryCouplet


  2. Presumably where has the husband gone and whom with? (The Wife's Lament)He has gone to a far away country with his kinsmen


  3. What was unusual about The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle?1066


  4. Hamartiathe work in relation to the reader


  5. What is the nature of the god? (Maximus)gentle/loving


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