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  1. Why did God withhold rest from man?
  2. What is Grendel's ancestry?
  3. What fixed mark is love like? (sonnet 116)
  4. What is the gist of each stanza?
  5. What reversals take place? (The Pardoner's Tale)
  1. a star
  2. b *They try to kill death but death kills them
    *They start the quest united and betray each other
    *Gold is a positive symbol but it leads to their destruction
  3. c descendant of Cain
  4. d 1: If he had enough time, he would just sit and watch her; vegetable love
    2: If she doesn't give her virginity to him, it will be to the worms and she will die; no life after death
    3: They love like birds devouring their prey; we need to make most of our time
  5. e So they would want the creator, not creation, make us seek him

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  1. it reeks
  2. it is a narrative poem that tells a story
  3. Fate
  4. 1660
  5. He says he just hates Antonio like some people just hate pigs, cats, and bagpipes

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  1. Catharsisintangible effect on the reader


  2. What details really bring out the stereotype of a Jew in Shylock?Plato believed that ideas came from the World of Being, and they are corrupted in the World of Becoming and further corrupted in the World of a book


  3. What is the date of the War of the Roses?1066


  4. Four accented syllables per linePersonification


  5. Pragmaticthe work in relation to the reader