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  1. How well does Reason do his job?
  2. What belies what in this poem? (Sonnet 130)
  3. What was the world-wide era called during the Anglo-Saxon period?
  4. Swords could not scratch his sin-stained skin
  5. What is Grendel's ancestry?
  1. a the woman belies false comparisons
  2. b Dark Ages
  3. c descendant of Cain
  4. d Reason is a deputy, doesn't do his job well
  5. e Alliteration

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  1. batter it
  2. a struggle with a past master
  3. Historical: Arturius, Celtic general who fought against Anglo-Saxons.
    Legendary: King Arthur, English king
  4. Orual's love is more of a consuming love that is wrapped up in herself
  5. Paradox

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  1. What is the significance of the pentangle? (Sir Gawain)Five points represent unity, they are woven together; they stand or fall together


  2. How did the Roman alphabet come into English?brought by St. Augustine in 597


  3. What sin do the rioters keep committing? (the pardoner's tale)greed and betrayal


  4. What did Anglo-Saxons think about the length of their lives?Fate


  5. What does Sonnet 116 imply about past relationships?Love does not change