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  1. What are some aspects of a good first sentence?
  2. How do the three sisters respond to their innate longing?
  3. What is the date of the Publication of Canterbury Tales?
  4. Probability
  5. What sin do the rioters keep committing? (the pardoner's tale)
  1. a stories follow laws of probability
  2. b greed and betrayal
  3. c 1375
  4. d It says something a little strange; makes a lot of info irrelevant; hooks the reader
  5. e Redival: The fool's way
    Orual: The way of the disillusioned sensible man
    Psyche: The Christian Way

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  1. the belief that words represent things that exist apart from man, that there is a center of meaning that all things are said to point back to
  2. Simile
  3. Metaphor
  4. the woman belies false comparisons
  5. Fate

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  1. What did Plato believe about the world of being and ideas?Plato believed that ideas came from the World of Being, and they are corrupted in the World of Becoming and further corrupted in the World of a book


  2. Judge Psyche's betrayal according to the four loves chartPsyche showed agape (sacrificial love) towards Orual in betraying Orual because she sacrifices her love for ORual to her god. Psyche says that if she loves her god, she will love Orual more.


  3. Characterize the Neapolitan, British, and German princes-Neapolitan: talks about his horses all the time.
    -British: only knows one language, his clothes don't match (from different countries)
    -German: drunkard


  4. What are the Fox's beliefs, and what are they called?1485-1625


  5. What is the gist of each stanza?it is a narrative poem that tells a story