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  1. Why should the praise not go to him? (constant lover)
  2. What did Anglo-Saxons think about the length of their lives?
  3. Oar fingers, Shadow of Death, Dragon Slayer
  4. What makes a poem a sonnet?
  5. Interpret the metaphor about shooting an arrow?
  1. a Shooting another arrow means that Bassanio wants to borrow more money from Antonio, so he can find the money he lost that belongs to Antonio (the other arrow)
  2. b Kenning
  3. c Life is short and everything fades
  4. d 14 line poem with 10 syllables per line, mostly iambic pentameter
  5. e it should go to the woman because she is so beautiful

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  1. Geoffrey Chaucer
  2. He comes at Christmas, allows himself to be tortured, the act symbolizes death and rebirth, he requires that we surrender our life to him, he points out our sin, he forgives completely, mistaken for devil, tests our love
  3. intangible effect on the reader
  4. the story of Istra (Psyche) and the worshipping of Istra are two completely different things
  5. a bet; whoever talked first would have to get up and bar the door

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  1. How did the Roman alphabet come into English?brought by St. Augustine in 597


  2. What is the date of the War of the Roses?1066


  3. Explain Bassanio's promise to Portia and why he breaks itwe can't be like the stars because we are under sin


  4. How is time personified? (sonnet 116)fool


  5. Probabilitystories follow laws of probability