25 terms

management chapter 10

Human resources management
The design and control of formal systems for the management of people within an organization is known as
One of the criteria for creating a competitive advantage through human resources is that they should be
How to manage employee layoffs
Concerns of human resource managers include which of the following?
Evaluate the activities conducted to ensure that they are producing the desired results
the final stage in the human resource planning process is to
demand forecasts
When Apple developed the iPhone, it had to determine how many engineers and designers were needed, and for launch, they had to estimate how many production and marketing employees would be required. According to the text, these are examples of Apple'
labor supply forecast
The estimate an organization makes regarding the number and quality of its current employees and the availability of workers externally is called a(n)
job description and a job specification
Which two are included in a job analysis ?
activities increase the pool of candidates that might be selected for a job.
hard to defend in court
Personality tests are
a performance test
Your company is in the process of hiring a spokesperson to appear in your television and print ads to promote your products. You are looking for someone with past experience as a spokesperson and have required that all applicants bring a portfolio of past advertising appearances for you to review. This requirement would be considered
integrity test
Marcel applied for a part-time job at a shoe store in the mall. Following his interview he was asked to take a test on paper. One of the questions asked what he would do if he were to find a wallet full of money along a deserted highway. This type of test would be described as am):
Helping displaced workers find other employment
Outplacement is
Has yet to be tested in the court system
The concept of employment-at-will
Should be conducted by the immediate superior
the termination interview
The Civil Rights Act of 1964
Which of the following acts prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, color, national origin and religion?
The Equal Pay Act of 1963 prohibits unequal pay based on
needs assessment, designs, method determination, evaluation of results
Training should consist of four distinct stages or decisions.
is a process in which objectives set by a subordinate and a supervisor must be reached within a given time period.
Managers and supervisors
are the traditional source of appraisal information because they are often best positioned to observe an employee's performance.
Encourage and motivate employees to be more productive
Incentive plans are devised to
Workers' compensation
Which of the following benefits is required by law?
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 states that pregnancy is a
declared unions legal
The National Labor Relations Act of 1935
The use of a neutral third party to resolve a labor dispute is known as
When the HR department evaluated the amount and type of employees that should be hired, which stage of the HR planning process were they in?