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  1. sal, salis m
  2. requiro, requirere, requisivi, requisitus
  3. quis
  4. adeo, adīre, adivi, aditum
  5. totus, tota, totum
  1. a salt, wit
  2. b which
  3. c to approach
  4. d whole, all
  5. e to require, seek, ask for

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  1. when, after
  2. to dare
  3. to carry through; bear, endure to the end
  4. little book
  5. then

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  1. cachinnus, cachinni mguffaw


  2. invideo, invidēre, invidi, invisumto approach


  3. volo, velle, volui, -salt, wit


  4. obduro, obdurāre, obduravi, obduratusto be hard, persist, endure


  5. soleo, solēre, solitus sumto be accustomed


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