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  1. ambled (verb)
  2. scold (noun)
  3. brethren (noun)
  4. domiciled (verb)
  5. FORAY (noun)
  1. a someone who finds fault with people or things
  2. b to walk at a slow, leisurely pace
  3. c a first attempt, something new or out of character
  4. d where you live
  5. e members of a particular church or sect

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  1. evil
  2. shamelessly bold [not embarrassed]
  3. a jar-like container to spit tobacco juice into
  4. all special skills a person has
  5. a preference/preferred way of doing something

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  1. Methodist (noun)members of a branch of a Protestant Christian demoniation


  2. ramrod (adjective)uninteresting


  3. eaves (noun)a minor city official, in trials and town meetings


  4. veranda (noun)a minor city official, in trials and town meetings


  5. impotent (adjective)powerless