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  1. domiciled (verb)
  2. apothecary (noun)
  3. eaves (noun)
  4. ramrod (adjective)
  5. dictum (noun)
  1. a an early form of pharmacist, they would prescribe drugs too
  2. b rigid, severe, straight
  3. c the lower edges of a roof with project beyond the side of a building
  4. d where you live
  5. e formal statement of principle [motto]

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  1. a first attempt, something new or out of character
  2. members of a branch of a Protestant Christian demoniation
  3. untouched or unused
  4. to walk at a slow, leisurely pace
  5. all special skills a person has

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  1. strictures (noun)conditions or rules


  2. impotent (adjective)powerless


  3. corset (noun)ladies undergarment consisting of the slimming of the waist


  4. human chattles (noun)conditions or rules


  5. assuaged (verb)to lessen or to calm


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