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  1. veranda (noun)
  2. predilection (noun)
  3. dictum (noun)
  4. ramrod (adjective)
  5. strictures (noun)
  1. a a porch/potico with a roof
  2. b a preference/preferred way of doing something
  3. c formal statement of principle [motto]
  4. d rigid, severe, straight
  5. e conditions or rules

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  1. members of a particular church or sect
  2. where you live
  3. a minor city official, in trials and town meetings
  4. a jar-like container to spit tobacco juice into
  5. to walk at a slow, leisurely pace

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  1. impudent (adjective)powerless


  2. human chattles (noun)slaves


  3. unsullied (adjective)uninteresting


  4. malevolent (adjective)powerless


  5. vapid (adjective)uninteresting