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Haha i would make this:P no one will prob do it or get anything right but who cares???:) this is NORMAL fan knowledge


justin biebers favorite color


his middle name

march 1,1994

his birthday

selena gomez

his girlfriend<3

ryan butler and chaz somers

his best friends

stratford,ontario canada

his hometown

stratford star and 2nd place

what competition did he enter and what place did he win?


how many albums does he have

under the mistletoe

what is his christmas album called


who is his biggest fan


what are his fave kind of shoes


what is his twitter

one time

what was his first song

island def jam records

what is his record label

scott "scooter" braun

who discovered him (also his manager)

usher raymond

who is his mentor

never say never

what is his movie called

12:56 am ON A TUESDAY!

what time was he born


what is his most popular song


how tall his he

too much for words to explain<3 holly is his NUMBER one fan and always will be

how much does holly(me) love him

Jazmyn and Jaxon Bieber

what are his (half siblings) named

Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber

what are his parents named

Jason McCann, Shawty Mane, Derek Bieber and kidrauhl

what are his four "other identities"

Madison Square Garden

where does he wanna perform the most in the NEVER SAY NEVER movie


what is his perfume called


how was he discovered

True Jackson VP, CSI and So Random

what show(s) did he guest star on(theres three)


his fave show

spaghetti bolognese

his fave food

the 3-year old who was crying about him on youtube who he surprised and met her

who is the girl cody

Caitlin Beadles

who did he date (the girl who got in a horrible accident with her leg)

sold it on ebay FOR CHARITY

what did he do with his hair he cut

erin bieber

who is his dad remarried to(his step mom)

atlanta, georgia

where does he currently live

My world tour

what tour did he just end


what is his next album going to be called

Jasmine Villegas

who else did he date (girl in baby video)


what store is his perfume sold at (also lotion and spray)

first step 2 forever:my story

his book(that he wrote, there are billions of others that were NOT written by justin himself)


how old is he (currently)

kenny hamilton

who is his bodyguard

alfredo flores

who is his close friend (director of parts of NSN, pray,love me and baby music video)

that should be me

what song did he feature with rascal flatts in on never say never:the remixes

jessica jarrell

who sings overboard with him(original, NOT the live version)

miley cyrus

who did he sing overboard LIVE VERSION with (it was in the movie)

a fan

who did he sing stuck in the moment about?

taylor swift

who did he sing favorite girl about?

mariah carey

on his christmas album he collabarates with who on "All i want for christmas is you"

omaha mall

what mall did he sing about

Favorite girl, rich girl and latin girl

name all of his songs with the word girl in the title(theres 3)

sean kingston

who is his close friend who hes collabarated with many times(on eenie meenie and more)

L.A. Reid

who signed him

Justin Drew Mallette Bieber

what is his full name spelled correctly


his fave subject


least fave subject


fave number

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