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Vice Cops Will Want No Punishment At All
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Vice Cops Will Want No Punishment At All
Verbs; Cross out prepositional phrases; Who/what subject; No nouns; Pronouns; At adjectives; All adverbs
very in a sentence
declarative sentence
states a statement/fact and ends in a full stop
primary consumers
plant eating animals
exclamatory sentence
always ends in a exclamation mark
interrogative sentence
always ends in a question mark
secondary consumers
meat eating animals
expository writing is meant to do what?
inform the reader
AREA of a circle
circumference of a circle!!!
semi colon
two independent clauses
simple sentence
one subject and one verb
imperative sentence
gives command or makes a request
An independent clause is also known as...
a sentence
(a phrase or dependent clause cannot stand alone)
To be verbs
Am, is, are