Macbeth Act 2

time; support
Macbeth requests that Banquo grant him the ___ to talk about the witches predictions and he asks Banquo to ___ him when the time comes.
clear; free
Banquo agrees to talk with Macbeth and to support him if he can do so with a ___ and ___ conscience.
an illusion of a dagger
What does Macbeth see?
drops of blood
What does Macbeth see on the dagger and its handle?
drugged the king's servants
What has Lady Macbeth done?
murdered Duncan
What has Macbeth done?
"Macbeth does murther sleep."
What does the imagined voice say to Macbeth?
smear; blood; afraid
Macbeth refuses to go back to the drugged servants and ___ ___ on them. He is ___.
that he will not be able to wash all of the blood off of his hands
What is Macbeth afraid of?
to wake up the king
Why have Macduff and Lennox come?
unruly; blowing; chimneys
The weather has been "___, ___ down ___."
lamentings; screams
"___ and strange ___ were heard in the air."
feverous; shake
The earth "was ___ and did ___."
the king has been murdered
What does Macduff report?
"gentle lady"
What does Macduff call Lady Macbeth?
Macduff doesn't want to tell Lady Macbeth what has happened because he fears that it is too ___ for a woman's ears.
the king's servants
Whom does Lennox blame for Duncan's death?
Macbeth says he regrets his ___ which prompted him to kill the servants.
dressed; investigate
Banquo suggests everyone get ___ and meet to ___ the situation further.
England; Ireland
Malcolm goes to ___ and Donalbain goes to ___.
dark; daytime
The sky is as ___ as night although it is ___.
falcon; owl; horses
A ___ has been killed by an ___ and Duncan's ___ have eaten each other.
Malcolm; Donalbain; guilt
Macduff suspects that ___ and ___ bribed the king's servants to kill their father and have fled out of ___.
Who is now king?