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every outcome is true
What is a tautology?
How to negate a compound statement: ~(P^Q) = ~P^~Q
What is DeMorgan's Law?
a compound statement that is false in every case
What is a self-contradication?
How do you negate a conditional statement?
Give the converse of P--->Q
~P ---> ~Q
Give the inverse of P--->Q
~Q ---> ~P
Give the contrapositive of P--->Q
therefore Q
what is modus ponens
therefore ~P

aka. contrapositive
Modus Tollens
therefore P--->R
Law of syllogism
therefore Q
Disjunctive syllogism
therefore ~Q
Fallacy of inverse
therefore P
Fallacy of converse
All --> some and vice versa
None --> some and vice versa
Negative Quantifiers
if P then Q
if P, Q
P only if Q
P implies Q
not P or Q
every P is a Q (all)
Q if P
Q provides P
Q necessary for P
P sufficient for Q
Give the TEN equivalent forms of P--->Q
2^n (n= cardinality or number of things in set)
What is the formula to find the total number of subsets?
real, irrational
Which of the following are not countable: real, integers, natural, whole, rational, irrational
the union of the two circles (everything is colored in)
What is A U B?
the intersection of the circles (only the middle part)
What is A n B?
Given that: P(A and B)/ P(B)
What does P(A l B) mean?
two numbers added together to equal zero
What is an additive inverse?
two numbers multiplied together to equal one
What is a multiplicative inverse?
substitute one into the formula
When asked for the APY you:
number of choices^number of trials
Formula for permutations WITH repetition
P(n,r) or n!/(n-r)
Formula for permutations w/o repetition (keywords are order, rank, line up)
C(n,r)= n!/(n,r)!xr!
What is the formula for combination
total # of letters/the ones that repeat
Permutation word problems (mississippi, true/false, wins/loses)
set/sample space
Probability formula