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When creating a custom slide show, which dialog box enables a user to select individual slides to include in the custom slide show?

Define Custom Show

What is the state of a selected text box or placeholder when a user can make modifications?


What is the name of the view in the File Tab that enables a user to manage files and data about files, and find frequently used features for managing PowerPoint presentation files?


Which term refers to the various degrees of lightness and darkness of the colors in a graphic?

Color tone

What appears on a slide to indicate there is a note or remark about the slide and the initials of the person who made the note?

Comment Thumbnail

Which commonly used animation effect makes text on a slide appear in the presentation?


Which of the following terms refers to combining multiple objects into a single object?


What is applied to text or an image in a slide that enables a user to jump to a new location by clicking on the text or image?


What is the link location within the same presentation, a different presentation, or a page on the World Wide Web called?


Which Ribbon contains the command to create a link to a new location?

Insert RIbbon

What is the name of the process for modifying a presentation by adding and deleting slides or by changing the contents of individual sales?


What does Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 call the predefined area inside a slide where text may be entered?

Place holder

What are the small circles and squares called that surround a picture that has been inserted into a slide?

Sizing Handles

When an image is selected, which ribbon appears at the top of the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 window?

Picture tools format

Which type of text may be formatted to print at the top of every page?


Which type of text may be formatted to print at the bottom of every page?


What area contains the command to automatically advance slides during a slide show?

Transitions ribbon, Timing group

Which is the means for beginning Edit Mode to modify a comment on a slide?

Double-click the Comment box

Which display shows an entire slide and also displays the title, status and task bars?


Typically which is the first type of slide placed in a presentation?

Title slide

Which of the following software programs is used to create a collection of slides that may contain text, charts, pictures, sound movies, or multimedia, and is often called a presentation graphics program?

PowerPoint 2010

What are collections of files created in PowerPoint 2010 called?


Which of the following describes the process of determining a presentation's purpose and target audience, the type of presentation necessary, the desired outcome, and the presentation setting?

Planning the presentation

Which type of presentation provides an audience with background information, knowledge, and specific details about a topic to help them gain understanding, make informed decisions, or increase their expertise?

Informative presentations

Which type of presentation is used to influence how an audience feels about a particular position or plan?

Persuasive presentations

Which type of presentation is used to teach an audience how something works or helps them understand a process or procedure?


Which type of presentation is used to help an audience learn new skills or learn how to perform new tasks such as how to operate a piece to equipment?

Training Presentations

Which tab shows a multilevel list of the titles and text of each slide in the presentation?


Which tab shows a column of numbered slide thumbnails so users can see a visual presentation of several slides at once?


Which pane in PowerPoint 2010 provides an area for saving reminders to help a presenter during a presentation?


What is the coordinated set of colors, fonts, and other design elements that are applied to components of a presentation called?


Which PowerPoint 2010 pane shows the current slide as it will appear druing the slide show?


In the PowerPoint 2010 View ribbon, which presentation view enables a user to view one slide at a time in the Slide Pane?


What is the region of a slide reserved for inserting text or graphics called?


Which of the following is a predetermined way of organizing objects on a slide including title text and other content?


What is a list of statements with a special symbol to the left called?

Bulleted List

Which term refers to the size of alphabetic and numeric characters on a slide?

Font size

If you include more text in a slide than will fit in the slide placeholder, which PowerPoint 2010 feature adjusts the line spacing and font size of the text to accomodate it?


In PowerPoint 2010, which term refers to a picture, shape, design, graph, chart, or diagram inserted into a slide?


What does it mean if a text box placeholder's borders change to become a dashed line?

The placeholder is active

Which term refers to the small circles and squares that appear on each corner and side of an active text box?

Sizing handles

In PowerPoint 2010, what command is used to save a new presentation with a new name?

Save as

In PowerPoint 2010, what command is used to save an existing presentation with a new name or in a new location?

Save as

What command is used to quit the current presentation on screen but leave the PowerPoint 2010 program open?


What command is used to quit the current presentation on screen and quit the PowerPoint 2010 program?


In PowerPoint 2010, where is the command located to undo the last action?

Quick access toolbar

Which area in PowerPoint 2010 serves as a temporary storage location for text or other objects are stored when you cut or copy them?


What feature automatically revises typing errors based upon information contained in Microsoft Office 2010's standard dictionary?


Which of the following refers to rearranging a multilevel list of text in an outline format by moving it from one level to another in the presentation?

Promote and demote

Which view displays each slide so that it fills the entire screen with no toolbars or other Windows elements visible on the screen?


Which group on the Home Ribbon contains commands to create new slides in a presentation?


What command on the Home Ribbon enables a user to change the design of a slide after it has been inserted into a presentation?

What command on the Home Ribbon enables a user to change the design of a slide after it has been inserted into a presentation?

In a presentation, which effect adds interest to a slide show and focuses audience attention on important points by adding entrances, emphasis, motion paths, or exits to text or objects?


What are visual effects in the form of movements from one slide to another during a presentation called?


In PowerPoint 2010, what contains a theme, sample text, and graphics on a slide or slide background to guide you as you develop your content?


What is the text that appears on every slide but depending on the theme applied may not always appear at the bottom of a slide?


What does the wavy, red line under a word in a presentation mean?


What area in the PowerPoint 2010 window contains the Quick Access Toolbar, filename, and Window control buttons?

Title bar

In the PowerPoint 2010 window, what is the name of the area that contains the zoom control and PowerPoint view buttons?

Status bar

When printing a PowerPoint 2010 presentation, which print setting enables multiple slides to be printed on one page?


Which print setting creates printouts of an entire slide on the top of the page and an area for speaker notes below the slide?

Notes page

Which of the following includes illustrations, movies, sounds, and stock photography stored in collections for easy access from both a user's local machine and the Microsoft website?


Which command on the Insert Ribbon is used to place an image from your storage device into a presentation?


What is the purpose of using the corner resizing handles to resize a graphic?

To proportionately resize the graphic

Which is an option offered on the Picture Tools Format Ribbon Color drop-down command for adjusting picture color?

Color tone

What group on the Picture Tools Format Ribbon enables a user to apply picture effects to a graphic?

Picture styles

Which group on the Home Ribbon contains commands for inserting various shapes into a presentation?


What command is used to color a shape that you have drawn on a slide?

Shape fill

Which ribbon contains the command to insert a text box placeholder on a slide?


Which ribbon contains the command to flip or rotate an object on a slide?

Drawing tools format

What are the faint blue, dashed lines that appear as you drage an object toward a drawn shape when the edges or center of the object are aligned?

Smart guides

Which command is used to insert slides from another presentation into a new presentation?

Reuse slides

In Slide Sorter View, which method is used to change slide order?

Click-and-Drag to new location

Which area in the Print dialog box is used to change the default printer?

Printer Status Dropdown

Which feature allows you to create graphical lists and process diagrams easily and quickly?


Which Ribbon is used to modify the layout of a SmartArt design?

SmartArt tools design

Which command is used to view the various options that can be applied to a selected animation?

Effect options

Which Ribbon includes the command to create presentation slides from an outline?


When saving a presentation that will be exported to Microsoft Word 2010, which file type should be selected?


Which Ribbon in PowerPoint 2010 contains the command to check spelling on a slide?


Which text alignment command aligns text with both the left and right margins of a slide including adding additional space between words as needed?


On the Home Ribbon, which command is used to change the orientation of text in a text box to vertical, stacked, or rotated?

Text direction

Which Ribbon contains the command for applying predetermined styles to a table in a slide?

Table tools design

Which Ribbon provides the command to split selected cells in a table into multiple cells?

Table tools layout

What is the most common format that Microsoft uses for short sound clips?


In PowerPoint 2010, which command is used to insert a sound clip into a slide?


When a sound clip is selected for a slide, which Ribbon appears to allow a user to change the way the sound clip appears?

Audio tools format

Which Ribbon appears when a sound clip is selected for a slide to allow a user to control how the sound clip plays?

Audio tools playback

Which Ribbon contains the command to hide a slide in a presentation so that it does not show during the full-screen slide show?


In a table, what is the intersection of a column and a row called?


When working with tables in slides, what is applied to a table in order to format the borders around the table and cells and to select a color scheme for the table?

Table style

What is inserted into a slide to illustrate and compare data from a spreadsheet?


Which group on the Insert Ribbon contains the command to insert a Chart into a slide?


Which Ribbon contains commands that apply an entrance effect to a selected chart?


What type of slide show is created to display only selected slides during a presentation?


Which command is used to record the time a presenter spends on each slide in order to run the show automatically in the future?

Rehearse timings

Which command is used to test animations on a slide before delivering the presentation?


Which area is used to specify the length of the transition effect for each slide in a presentation?


Which option indicates that a presentation should wait for a mouse click prior to moving to the next slide?

On mouse click

Which command is used to delete or clear any recorded timing saved for a presentation?

Record slide show

When a graphic is selected, which handle is used to freely rotate the image?

Green slide show

When a graphic is selected, which option on the Shortcut menu is used to alter the color of the image?

Format picture

Which command enables a user to choose from a wide range of animation options?

Add animations

If a list on a slide must appear in a sequential order, which list option should be selected?


Which command is used to remove any unwanted parts of a picture in a slide?


What command is used to set an image background to transparent?

Remove background

To add information about an illustration in a slide, which of the following describes a text box with a line between the text box and the illustration?


Which file type is an image that includes motion or animation?


What type of presentation runs on its own but can also be set to accept user interventions to advance to another slide or return to a previous one?

self-running presentations

When using audio in a presentation, what is the correct option to select for audio playback?

From end

In Microsoft Publisher 2010, which is considered to be the largest text in the publication?


Which feature in Microsoft Publisher 2010 restores your work in the event of a system failure but should not be used as a means of saving publications.


Which software program is a full-featured desktop publishing program that allows you to create professional-looking publications and revise them easily?

Microsoft Publisher 2010

What is the default view for publications in Publisher 2010?

Single page view

Which area presents information about the publication being created, the progress of current tasks, and the status of certain commands and keys, and provides controls for viewing the publication?

Status bar

Which area is located at the top left of the Publisher 2010 window and provides convenient, one-click access to frequently used commands?

Quick access tool bar

How are the Ribbon commands separated for logical placement?

In groups

What is the area accessed through the File tab called?

Backstage view

Which is the quick one key access to Publisher 2010 Help?


How does Publisher 2010 refer to single page announcements that announce personal, business, or other messages?


In Publisher 2010, what is created to clearly identify the purpose of the flyer and typically appears in large, bold letters?


What is the tool that helps you through the design process by offering publication options and may appear as a form?


When selecting a new file, what is the gallery of small images in the backstage view called?


Which of the following is a set of colors that complement each other when used in the same publication?

Color scheme

Which is a defined set of typefaces associated with a publication?

Font scheme

What is the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, and special characters that appear in a publication called?


When selecting a template in backstage view, what area provides the ability to choose a color scheme or font scheme?


What pane displays all of the current pages in a publication as thumbnails on the left side of the workspace?

Page Navigation

Which is an object in a publication designed to hold text in a specific shape, size, and style?

Text box

In which area in a Publisher 2010 publication template can a user begin typing text immediately with a single click?

Place holder

Which of the following is a series of lines beginning with a character or symbol that may be placed in publications?

Bulleted list

What is the set of choices, often graphical, that are arranged in a grid or list in Publisher 2010?


Which Publisher 2010 feature enables a user to point to an item in a list and without actually selecting the item see the effect in the publication?

Live preview

Which publication format offers small, ready-to-be scored text boxes with information text in them?


What is modifying the appearance of a publication called?


Which Ribbon in Publisher 2010 contains the command to automatically increase the font size?


Which group on the Home Ribbon provides commands for modifying the typeface of a publication?


Which procedure automatically adjusts the way that text is sized in a textbox?


What are items such as sounds, videos, and other media files called in Microsoft Publisher 2010 called?


Which term refers to building blocks, logos, and accents used in Microsoft Publisher 2010?


Which of the following is used in a publication to reserve space for a graphic or image?

Picture placeholder

Which feature of Publisher 2010 enables a user to quickly change a picture to a more visually appealing format?


Which Ribbon in Publisher 2010 contains the picture styles gallery?

Picture tools format

What is a graphical or text element, such as a page part, that can be inserted into a publication?

Building block

Which feature does Publisher 2010 provide to assist a user with the placement and alignment of one object to another object?


What are the small shapes that are displayed around an object when it is selected?


In Publisher 2010, information such as the project author, title, subject, and keywords can be found in which of the following?


Which command found under the File tab is used to save an existing publication with a new name?

Save as

Which command in the File tab enables a user to see how the finished publication will look when it is printed?

Print Preview

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