21 terms

RTVF Test 3

John Williams
Person: theme teaser with payoff at the end (E.T.)
Rachel Portman
Person: music as a character in the film (Benny and Joon)
Magnificent Seven westerns
Person: use music to speed up / slow down a reverse visual
Mark Shaiman
Person: music to help create a comedic effect (City Slikers stampede)
Elfman and Burton
Person: "writer chained to a keyboard" (Batman, NBC)
Leonard Rosenman
Person: outer space flick with first use of electronics
Rob Reiner
Person: produced Stand By Me compliation score
Jimmy Durante
Person: music as narrator (Sleepless in Seattle)
These films only used organ music
original, improvised, compilation
Organ music scores were often __, __, __ (?)
When a theme is associated with one character
Jazz Singer
first movie to have soundtrack on film
To Tame the Perilous Skies
song we listened to in class to get impression from music
Lowell Graham
Who first performed To Tame the Perilous Skies?
David Holsinger
Who composed To Tame the Perilous Skies?
Inner Sanctum: sets mood, occurs during premonitions
Inner Sanctum:spoken dialogue needed to describe scene
Inner Sanctum: crickets and wind
Inner Sanctum: used to describe opening scene
Inner Sanctum:"my own voice"
Bromo seltzer
Inner Sanctum: what were they advertising at intermission?