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Social Studies People/ Amendments

Theadore Billbo
White rascist Mississippi governor, who tried to take away blacks rights. He offered the idea to send blacks back to Africa.
Leo Frank
Young jewish man who owned a factory. He was accused of killing a little girl. However no evidence showed he did so. He was sentenced to life in prison, but people broke into his prison and lynched him.
Mary Bethune
Felix Longoria
Mexican American who joined the American Army in World War 2. He died while he was in the army. When they wanted to bring him home an bury him, his hometown refused to let him be burried there because he was Mexican. Eventually his body was brought over to America and was burried in Washington D.C. about 15,000 miles away from his hometown.
Elizabeth Stanton
A woman (E) who helped passed the 19th Amendment.
Lucretia Mott
A woman (L) who helped passed the 19th Amendment.
Lucy Burns
A woman (LB) who helped passed the 19th Amendment
Carrie Catt
A woman (C) who helped passed the 19th Amendment.
Alice Paul
A woman (A) who helped passed the 19th Amendment
Paiute medicine man, who had a vision and said that whites would siappear from the earth (following some form of natural catastrophe). He also said that the spirits of the indians who had died in the past would return from the grave, bringing with them their old ways of life and this would last forever.
Col. John Forsyth
The leader of the U.S. 7th Cavalry. He led the U.S. Cavalry into fighting in the Wounded Creek Massacre.
William Haywood
A founder of the IWW ("Big Bill")
Eugene Debs
A founder of the IWW. (E)
Joe Hill
A famous oraganizer for the IWW that was convicted of murder, and in 1915 was killed by a firing squad.
John Collier
The head of the BIA during the Great Depression
Marian Anderson
A black opera singer that wanted to sing for the D.A.R., but was rejected.
13th Amendment
Freed slaves
14th Amendment
Gave full rights to blacks
15th Amendment
Gave balcks the right to vote.
Henry Ford
Publisher and inventor of Dearborn Independence.