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Kinns Ch.13 Q's

Legal-sized paper is 5 1/2 ´ 8 1/2 inches. (T or F)
In the simplified letter style, the lines are flush with the right margin. (T or F)
Nouns represent a person, place, thing, or idea or concept. (T or F)
An adjective describes a verb. (T or F)
One of the most common types of written communication in the medical office is the telephone message. (T or F)
E-mail is classified as only casual communication. (T or F)
Flush can mean either to the left or to the right. (T or F)
Many offices use a disclaimer with their faxes and e-mails to guarantee confidentiality. (T or F)
Portfolios are not very useful in a computerized office environment. (T or F)
Which of the following would not be an appropriate responsibility of the medical assistant regarding office copiers and printers? (memorizing the service contracts, studying the manuals that accompany the machines, understanding basic equipment maintenance, or learning how to use all equipment properly)
memorizing the service contracts
The best style to use when composing business letters in the medical office is the one: (that is highly technical and organized, that is most formal, preferred by your physician-employer, or with which you are most comfortable)
preferred by your physician-employer
The principal function of a well-organized portfolio of business letters is to help the medical assistant: (spell accurately, save time, write correctly, or use one consistent style)
save time
Which letter style combines efficiency with an attractive page layout? (simplified, block, modified block, or none of the above)
modified block
Which letter style would be most appropriate to use for writing a quick business letter? (block, modified block, simplified, or modified block with indented paragraphs)
Which of the following dates is written correctly for inclusion in the heading of a letter? (May 1st, 2007; May 1, 2007; 5/1/07; or May 1, '07)
May 1, 2007
Which of the following is the correct way to write the first line of an inside address in a letter to John Kidwell, a pediatrician? (John Kidwell, Pediatrician; Doctor John Kidwell; John Kidwell, M.D.; or Dr. John Kidwell, M.D.)
John Kidwell, M.D.
What is the purpose of noting "c: Alice Adams, M.D." at the bottom of a letter? (to tell the receiver that Dr. Adams has more info about the subject of the letter, to instruct the MA to send the same letter to Dr. Adams, to request that the receiver make of copy of the letter for Dr. Adams, or to advise the receiver that a duplicate letter has been sent to Dr. Adams)
to advise the reader that a duplicate letter has been sent to Dr. Adams
Which of the following words is spelled incorrectly? (infarction, cirrhosis, perseverence, or pruritus)
Which of the following is not a basic sentence structure pattern? (subject-clause, subject-object, subject-complement, or subject-predicate)
Setting even with the edge of a typed page or column, or having no indentation, is called: (annotated, flush, superfluous, or archaic)
Which of the following letters should the physician sign personally? (letters of solicitation, orders for office supplies, collection letters to delinquent accounts, or referrals and consultation reports)
referrals and consultation reports
Editing usually is done: (before the letter is written, after the final draft of the letter, after the first draft of the letter, or while writing the first draft of the letter)
after the first draft of the letter
Templates are available online for: (most business forms, letters, memos, or inventory forms)
most business forms
Business letters are usually __________ spaced. (single, double, one and a half, or one and a quarter)
The heading of continuation pages should be ___________ spaced. (double, one and a half, single, or one and a quarter)
The bottom margin of a letter should be _____ inch.
Reference initials identify the __________ of a letter.
All the documents that leave the physician's office should project a professional __________.
Connecting words that show a relationship between nouns, pronouns, or other words in a sentence are called __________.
A(n) __________ is a group of words containing a subject and predicate that functions as a member of a complex or compound sentence.
A watermark is an indication of the quality of the paper. (T or F)