MIC10 Midterm 2

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This type of vaccine is considered "alive"
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Which of the following has the highest mutation rate?A. Humans B. DNA Virus C. Flu Virus D. Bacteria E. HIV VirusInfluenza viruses are classiified by:A. Types A & B B. The types of "N" Ag's C. The types of "H" Ag's D. B & C above E. All of the aboveThe Great Pandemic of 1918 was caused by:A. A spore- forming bacterium B. Smallpox C. Plague bacteria D. Botulism E. Flu Virus"Regular" human flu kills about 0.1% of those infected. What is the death rate for those infected with avian flu:A. 1% B. 5% C. 10% D. 40% E. 60%Where did the H5N1 avian flu first cross over into humans in 1997?A. Hong Kong B. Korea C. Vietnam D. Turkey E. IndonesiaH5N1 avian flu is making its way around the World. How is the virus migrating from place to place?A. In the wind currents B. With people traveling by plane C. With the transport of commercial poultry (chickens) D. With migrating wild bird s E. In frozen food transported from infected areasWhat is used to make the standard flu vaccine each year in the U.S?A. Horses B. Guinea Pigs C. Mice D. Bacteria E. Chicken eggHow many Americans die in a typical flu season?A. 10-20 thousand B. 30-40 thousand C. 50-60 thousand D. 70-80 thousand E. Over 100,000Which type of flu virus causes the most health problems in humans?A. Type A B. Type B C. Type C D. Type D E. All of the above are equally dangerousUntreated bubonic plague has a fatality rate ofA. 0% B. 10% C. 25% D. 50% E. 100%Untreated pneumonic plague has a fatality rate ofA. 0% B. 10% C. 25% D. 50% E. 100%The buboes of bubonic plague are:A. Dark rings around the eyes B. Pustules on the skin C. Black sores at the site of infection D. Swollen lymph nodes E. Spores produced by the bacteriumIn 1346 the Tartars were laying siege to the city of Kaffa. What biological agent did they use against the defenders?A. Smallpox B. Anthrax C. Salmonella D. Plague E. E. ColiIn the 1980's Russia had missiles aimed at the U.S containing all of the following except:A. Plague B. Ebola C. Smallpox D. Nuclear warheads E. AnthraxSylvatic plague is found in:A. Cattle B. Sheep C. Insects D. Squirrels E. BatsWhen did the genus Homo appear?A. 1.5 billion years ago B. 20 million years ago C. 750,000 years ago D. 40,000 years ago E. 2, 000 years agoWhen did the first eukaryotic microbes appear on the planet?A. 4.5 billion years ago B. 2.5 billion years ago C. 1.5 billion years ago D. 20 million years ago E. 750,000 years agoA vaccine for AIDS has not been successful becasue:A. The virus recombines with other viruses B. The virus is continually "crossing over" C. The virus has a very high mutation rate D. The virus is latent E. A person's immune system doesn't respond to the vaccineWhen did the first humans successfully populate the America's?A. About 40,000 years ago B. About 60,000 years ago C. 12,000-14,000 years ago D. About 3,000 years ago E. 1492A "crossover" event takes place when:A. A microbe that usually infects animals used as a weapon against humans B. A virus that infects one species "learns" how to infect another species C. Technology used for peaceful purposes is used to developed weapons D. A microbe is used as a biological weapon E. A virus that causes one disease is used to vaccinate against a different diseaseOone reason there were more emerging infections in Europe and Asia than in the America's before 1492 was the higher number of animals that were domesticated. Why would this result in more infections?Answers:You would catch bubonic plague from the bite of an infected___?Answer:You would catch pneumonic plague from a___?Answer:What disease killed more Native Americans that any other disease?Answer:How many strains of the flu are contained in the Aerican flu vaccine?Answer:The publication of two controversial papers shows how the current H5N1 avian flu can be mutated to be able to spread between humans. ("Mans-Made Contagion") What would be the benefit of publishing such information?Answer:Any people claim that there is a link between the MMR (mumps, measles, and Rubella) vaccine and the development of autism in children. What "scientific" evidence are these claims based on?Answer:If there is a risk of a terrorist releasing smallpox on the American population why don't we vaccinate everybody to eliminate this danger?Answer:The swine flu pandemic of 2009 started in which country?Answer:The epidemiological term used to describe an infection that spreads around the world it is ___?Answer:What is the name (Genus) of the organism that causes the Plague?Answer:Who was Edward Jenner?Answer:Emerging infections became a big problem when people started living in cities about 5,000 years ago. There were three major factors that contributed to the introduction and maintenance of disease. There were:1. Increase in the number of hosts to infect 2. The movement of people from city to city through the activity of commerce 3. And a third factor. What was it?Today there are only two official locations of the smallpox virus. One is in Novosibirsk in Russia. Where is the other location?Answer:What year was smallpox eradicated (with-in three years is okay)?Answer:In what animal was the original smallpox vaccine that was used during the eradication program grown?Answer:What infectious disease is still on the list of the ten leading causes of death in the United States?Answer:What data show that recieving multi-dose vaccines (several vaccines in one shot) is not more dangerous than recieving multiple single-dose vaccines?Answer:What is the biological basis and advantage of organisms reproducing using sex?Answer:When the flu virus mutates at a regular rate this is called antigenic___?Answer:Smallpox and plague both killed the same percentage of the European population. So, in one or two sentences sum up why plague was so much more devastating during the Black Death (1348-1352) than smallpox....