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A department type is determined by how?
An organization is funded
What type of company is responsible for forcible entry?
Truck company
Which of the following fire service organizational principles is described as a formal line of authority?
Chain of command
What is a written step-by-step plan of action?
A procedure
What communication category is defined as messages transmitted within the fire department?
Internal communications
Which of the following types of general knowledge is required for internal communications?
How a radio system works
The use of ten-codes in radio transmissions was replaced when agencies began to adopt which of the following?
National Incident Management System (NIMS)
Units or individuals must do what in every transmission as outlined in local radio protocols?
identify themselves
Green wood has a high _________ that affects burn rate?
moisture content
What type of common building material includes bricks, stones, and concrete blocks?
The critical temperature for steel can be reached at ceiling level from?
the rising heat and smoke in the room
Which of the following BEST describes who determines a structure's construction classification type?
Architect, structural engineer, contractor
The International Building Code (IBC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) define construction type based on the performance of the construction when?
Exposed to fire
Which of the following construction types has walls, floors, and ceilings that must be able to resist fire for three to four hours?
Type 1
The interior elements in what type of construction are made of solid or laminated wood with no concealed space?
Type 4
What occupancy type contains multiple occupancy or use groups?
Separated use
What building component's construction varies depending on its level?
Floor to Ceiling
Which of the following BEST describes walls that support the weight of a structure of structural components?
Load-bearing walls
What building component may be mounted over doors and windows to prevent illegal entry?
Security bars or grilles
What type of stairs typically connects no more than two levels if not required as part of the means of egress?
Access stairs
What type of stairs uses a ventilation system activated by automatic fire or smoke detection?
Smokeproof stair enclosures
What type of door design can prevent movement of hose or equipment into a building?
Revolving door
What part of the window is composed of a sill, side jamb, and head jamb?
Which of the following terms refers to a substance remaining chemically the same, but changing in size, shape or appearance?
Physical change
The energy possessed by a moving object is called?
Kinetic energy
What is the most common form of ignition?
What mode of combustion produces a smoldering glow in a material's surface?
In what mode of combustion is a visible flame produced?
What product of combustion may heat adjacent fuels, making them susceptible to ignition?
Thermal energy
What product of combustion is the most common product in structure fires?
Carbon monoxide
Which of the following sources of energy is a form of oxidation?
What method of electrical energy occurs when a high-temperature luminous discharge crosses a gap?
what method of heat transfer occurs when a material is heated as a result of direct contact with a heat source?
What heat transfer method usually occurs through movement of hot smoke and fire gases?
What type of fuel has mass and volume but no definite shape?
What does vapor pressure indicate?
What direction a substance will take when released from a container.
What is the impact of higher oxygen concentration on combustion?
Materials burn more intensely
What is the impact of an extinguishing agent when trying to extinguish flaming combustion?
It interferes with the chemical reation
What fire development factor affects heat release rate?
Fuel type
What affects the amount of air entrained in the plume during the growth stage?
location of fuel package
What fire stage occurs as the fuel is consumed and oxygen concentration falls?
What common element of flashover represents the shift from the growth stage to fully developed stage?
transition in fire development
The ignition of unburned fire gases at the top of the compartment is known as?
What type of rapid fire development occurs as unburned fuel gases contact an ignition source?
smoke explosion
What is the most common method used in fire fighting operations?
temperature reduction
What suppression method uses extinguishing agents to stop flame production?
Chemical flame inhibition
Portable fire extinguishers should be chosen based on the?
type of fuel that is burning
Which method of extinguishing works by excluding oxygen form the burning process?
What happens to the resulting foam from an aqueous film forming foam extinguisher (AFFF)?
it will float on the surface of fuels lighter than air
What application method is used with an aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) extinguisher in order to prevent disturbing the fuel?
allow foam to gently rain down onto fuel surface
What type of portable fire extinguisher is discharged in the form of gas and works on Class B and Class C fires?
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
What portable fire extinguisher rating is based on the approximate square foot (square meter) area of flammable liquid a nonexpert operator can extinguish?
Class B rating
Which of the following types of rope is only used in situations not involving life safety?
Utility rope
What type of damage must be recorded in the rope log because it cannot be detected by inspections?
Impact loading incidents
Which of the following types of rope is less likely to twist during use than laid rope?
Braided rope
Which part of the rope is used for hoisting?
Which of the following statements about forcible entry is MOST accurate?
Forcible entry will cause significant damage even done properly
Which of the following should be equipped with kickback protection and brakes for safety?
chain saw
Which of the following is a combination of a flat-head axe and Halligan tool?
To prevent injury when using a tool, position yourself so that your weight is?
balanced on both feet
Which of the following can be nested together for tool combinations?
Halligan tool and flat-head axe
Wooden handles on tools should be inspected for?
Cracks, blisters, or splinters
Cutting edges on axes should be inspected for?
chips, cracks, or spurs
Breaking door glass gives the ability for a firefighter to?
reach inside and unlock door
When forcing an inward swinging door, use another technique if the door is?
metal or metal-clad
When cutting a lock with a power saw, one firefighter should?
Stabilize the lock with a set of locking pliers and chain
Which of the following is 30 times stronger than acrylic and impossible to break?
Exterior walls made of wood can be cut or breached with a?
axe or sledgehammer
What is one way that fire service ladders are different from ladders for private industry or general use?
Fire service ladders provide greater margin of safety
NFPA 1932 contains requirements for?
ladder sue, care, maintenance and service testing
The butt of the ladder is?
the bottom end of the ladder
Which type of ladder has hinged rungs that allow the ladder to be folded so that one beam rests against the other, allowing it to be carried in narrow passageways?
Folding ladder
The extension ladder?
comprised of a base section and one or more fly sections, can be adjusted to specific length needed
Pumper apparatus are required by NFPA 1901 to carry one folding ladder, one roof ladder, and?
one extension ladder
Ground ladders should be service tested before being placed in service and?
Once each year while in service and after use that exposes the ladder to high heat or rough treatment.
What is the way to carry a roof ladder when using an extension ladder to access the roof?
Climb the extension ladder, shoulder the roof ladder 3-4 rungs from the tip, and carry the rest of the way to deploy on the roof pitch
How should the extension ladder halyard be cared for?
It must be tied to prevent the fly from slipping.
The best way to secure a firefighter to a ladder while working is
Leg lock
How does one assist a victim down a ladder?
Victims must be protected from slipping and falling when climbing down a ladder.
How does one support the weight of an unconscious victim?
Victim's body rests on the rescuer's supporting knee
What are the three incident priorities when performing tactical ventilation?
life safety, incident stabilization, property conservation
Tactical ventilation can be?
combined with fire attack to stabilize an incident.
Tactical ventilation reduces fire damage in structures and limits water damage because it:
increases speed with which interior fires can be extinguished.
A characteristic of an older structure construction is
windows that could be opened for ventiliation
A characteristic of modern construction produces large quantities of toxic, combustible gases during a fire
use of plastics and other synthetic materials
What type of fire behavior indicator can provide an indication of interior fire conditions by observing its volume, location, color, density, and movement?
What factor has a bearing on deciding where to ventilate?
Indications of potential structural collapse
What type of ventilation requires no additional personnel or equipment to set up and maintain?
natural horizontal
Use of smoke ejectors to expel smoke and draw fresh air into a structure is a use of?
negative-pressure ventilation (NPV)
When the natural flow of air currents and the currents created by the fire is insufficient to remove smoke, heat, and fire gases, what type of ventilation is necessary?
When ventilating a multistory building, it is best to apply positive-pressure ventilation (PPV) where?
at the lowest point of the structure
The advantage to using mechanical ventilation is?
speeds the removal contaminants
What type of cut is used to create a fire break that stops the spread of fire in common attic structures or large structures?
Trench cut
Basement fires can be challenging without effective ventilation because firefighters have to get to the seat of the fire
through intense rising heat and smoke
What factor makes high-rise fires life safety considerations an even higher priority?
more occupants
What type of water supply system may provide water under contract to a municipality, region, or single property?
private system
Which means of moving water delivers water from the source of treatment plant to the distribution system without pumping equipment?
Gravity system
What determines the ability of a water system to deliver a sufficient quantity of water at an adequate pressure?
Which type of piping serve individual fire hydrants and commercial and residential consumers?
Which type of indicating valve is a hollow metal post that houses the valve stem?
Post indicator valve
Dry hydrants are designed to supply at least?
1,000 gpm (4 000 L/min)
The placement of portable tanks should be
placed so that the drain is located on the down-hill side of the tank.
NFPA 1901 requires that mobile water supply apparatus on level ground be capable fo dumping or filling at rates of at least
1,000 gpm
Characteristics of water that make it valuable for fire extinguishment include?
a greater heat-absorbing capacity than other agents.
Which of the following is a factor that may affect a fire stream?
Wind direction and velocity
The use of the fire stream can be described as
dispersing hot smoke and fire gases from a heated area.
Which of the following hoseline sizes are use to supply a handline stream?
1 1/2 - to 3-inch hoselines
Which nozzle produces a compact stream with little shower or spray?
smooth bore nozzle
Which stream patterns is used to extinguish fires in attics, cocklofts, basements, and other confined spaces?
Fire stream limiting factors are
gravity causes fire streams to separate and lose shape.
Fire stream nozzles are
broken-stream delivery devices are used to apply water in confined spaces.
The philosophy of loss control is to perform activities to minimize losses to property
before, during, and after a fire incident.
Vulnerability to weather and vandalism following fire suppression activities are form of?
secondary damage
Salvage and overhaul are tactics?
intended to reduce property damage
Preincident planning may not be your responsibility to develop, but you may be required to implement the plan as directed by the
Incident Commander
When and how built-in fire suppression systems are to be supported for loss control are identified in the?
preincident plan
In a preincident plan, which of the following is a means of protecting items in a residential or business-occupied structure?
moving items to unaffected area
Which of the following procedures includes moving contents to a safe location in the fire incident structure?
What is the best reason for removing contents from a structure during salvage procedures?
Help protect them from further primary or potential secondary damage
Depending on the size and organization of a fire department, salvage operations are generally assigned to which of the following?
Ladder companies and specially designed salvage or overhaul companies
When performing salvage operations, firefighters?
Require a specific collection of tools
Which of the following are used to catch and carry debris or work as a water basin to immerse small burning objects?
Which of the following is the main advantage of using a one-firefighter spread with a rolled salvage cover?
One person can quickly unroll the salvage cover across the top of an object
A catchall may be temporary to control large amounts of water until chutes are constructed?
to route water outside
Charged hoselines should be present during overhaul operations of a fire incident?
due to the threat of reignition
If there are any discrepancies between a thermal imager (TI) and the signs of a fire in a concealed place, which of the following should be done?
concealed space should be opened up and inspected visually
The area of origin is the location?
where the fire began
Control of all evidence must be maintained as part of the?
chain of custody required in legal cases
Where should a firefighter or investigator start searching for area of origin for a structure fire?
Outside of the structure
To determine fire cause a firefighter should look for?
an ignition source and sequence
Which type of fire cause is used when specific cause has not been determined?
What is the most obvious sign of fire cause?
Competent ignition source
Which of the following signs of arson may be used to allow fire spread?
Structural alterations
Which of the following statements is MOST accurate about procedures for criminal investigation?
A log should be kept of all authorized persons who enter and leave incident perimeter.
Which of the following is a potential source of contamination during evidence preservation?
Smoking materials that have been dropped
Which of the following is the BEST solution if local resources are not sufficient to meet desired outcomes a community desires to reach after a hazard or threat?
develop contingency plans
Which of the following BEST describes one way a jurisdiction can use capability assessment results?
to develop action plans
Fire and life safety education is designed to inform citizens about, and provide information on how to change?
unsafe behaviors
Which type of fire and life safety hazard may arise from the design or use of a building, facility, or equipment?
Unsafe conditions
Which of the following statements about communicating messages to adults is MOST accurate?
Adult programs should involve solving problems, completing tasks, or handling lifestyle choices
Which of the following information from a juvenile firesetters program is the MOST appropriate information for adults?
Categories of juvenile firesetters and the indicators of each
Which of the following best describes one way the data provided by fire investigation can be used?
To monitor the effectiveness of the fire and life safety initiative program.
What is a hazardous material?
Substance that can be dangerous to human health or the environment if not properly controlled
Which of the following are gases that turn into liquid at or below -130 degrees fahrenheit (-90 degrees C) at 14.7 psi?
Which types of radiation is emitted from the nucleus of radioactive elements such as tritium, carbon -14, and strontium-90?
Which type of radiation has no mass and electric charge?
Which chemical hazards cause temporary but sometimes severe inflammation to eyes, skin, or the respiratory system?
Which types of hazards are microorganisms that cause severe illness or disease?
Etiological hazards
Which type of mechanical hazard occurs when rapidly released gases create a shock wave that travels outward from the center of the blast?
Blast-pressure wave
Which route of entry involves breathing in hazardous vapors, smoke, gases, fumes, liquid aerosols, and suspended dusts?
In which route of entry does material enter the body through the skin or eyes?
In which state are hazardous materials primarily a contact hazard?
Which of the following is the measure of a substance's tendency to evaporate?
Vapor pressure
which of the following is the weight of pure vapor or gas compared to the weight of an equal volume of dry air at the same temperature and pressure?
Vapor density
Water has a specific gravity of
Which part of the reactivity triangle is the fuel source for the reaction?
Reducing agent
Terrorism intends to do harm by
damaging the economy
Which of the following are rigid or flexible portable packaging designed for mechanical handling?
Intermediate bulk containers
UN identification numbers have
4 digits
Which North American railroad tank car markings are stenciled on all four sides of the tank?
Initials and numbers
Which marking system is typically used in fixed-storage facilities?
NFPA 704 system
The NFPA 704 system rates the severity of hazards on a scale from?
0 to 4
Which signal word indicates moderate hazards?
Which of the following statements regarding pipeline identification is MOST accurate?
Identification is required when pipelines cross under or over roads, railroads, and waterways.
Which written resources MUST accompany shipments of hazardous materials?
Shipping papers
Which lab is the second most common type of lab discovered?
Explosive labs
Which incident command system ICS haz mat position supervises all companies and personnel operating in the hazardous area?
Entry Team Leader
Which of the following ensures control of a large-scale incident involving multiple agencies with overlapping authority and responsibility?
Unified Command
Which incident level is within the capabilities of fire or emergency services or other first responders?
Level I
Which of the following are broad statements of what must be done to resolve the incident?
Strategic goals
Which mode of operation includes actions to actively control the hazard?
Implementation of the incident action plan is accomplished by performing?
Tactical objectives
Which of the following is a limitation of personal protective equipment PPE?
Can reduce the wearer's mobility
PPE can be determined by which of the following resources?
Which of the following is the boundary established to prevent access by the public and unauthorized persons?
Isolation perimeter
Which protection methods are a function of NIMS and are especially important when multiple agencies/organization have responded?
Accountability system
Which of the following is a duty of the safety officer?
Advise the IC of deviations from incident safety considerations
In what location are the emergency remote shutoff valves found on nonpressure liquid tanks?
On the left front corner of the tank
Which of the following should be notified and included in the response to a terrorist or criminal incident?
Law enforcement
Which of the following compiles information obtained from debriefings, postincident reports, and critiques?
After action analysis
What are these abbreviations:

L = Location
U = Unit
N = Name
A = Assignment
R = Resources
Guide number for Fluorine
ID number for Calcium Chlorite
ID number 1500 is what?
Sodium Nitrate
What guide number for 1500?
If involved in a fire, should you use foam on 1500?