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a complete virus particle


viruses which infect prokaryotes

size range of virus


shapes of viruses

helical, isometric and complex

purpose of capsid

protect nucleic acid

virus family




steps to animal virus replication

Penetration and Uncoating

fusion vs endocytosis

fusion: Happens in enveloped virus. Binds with receptors and the envelope of virus fuses with the membrane of the cell. the virus is then taken in. Envelope stays with membrane and nucleic acid separate from capside in the cytoplasm

endocytosis: Happens in non enveloped viruses. After it binds with receptors, the membrane of the cell surround the virus and take it in.

chronic vs latent

chronic produces low levels of viroids while latent is completely in activated

how does a virus work in latent infections?

integrates permanently in the chromosome

like herpes


are small single-stranded RNA molecules

type of virus which uses oral fecal route


all naked viruses have nucleocapsid T or F
makes them more resistant to ??



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