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  1. Testimony
  2. Which of 3 qualities will change less?
  3. Maslow Heirachy of Needs
  4. Conclusion
  5. Who introduced strategic discourse
  1. a 5 to 10% of speech. signal end of speech and summarize speech
  2. b physiological level, safety needs, social needs, self esteem, self actualization
  3. c a statement expressing individuals, attitudes, beliefs and values
  4. d Artistole
  5. e values

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  1. reasoning is line of thought that connects the facts you present and conclusions
  2. use words that refer to observable behavior limited to one idea reflects needs and interests
  3. establish common ground, support key arguements with evidence, well organized and deliverance
  4. fact value and policy claim
  5. introduction, word choices, strong evidence

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  1. If audience is hostile, sympathetic or neutral what should speaker do?cognitive dissnence, maslows heirachy of needs


  2. 3 qualities establish creditablyattitudes, beliefs, values, behaviors


  3. What is the central ideacentral idea is a complete deceleration sentence that previews the main points to develop body


  4. 3 characteristics of persuasive speechhelp audience make informed decision, research facts, note any bias, attribute research


  5. Purposes of speeches..inform, persuade, entertain