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  1. Define reasoning
  2. 4 perspectiveness on nervousness
  3. Five cautions regarding conclusion
  4. of the 3 listener qualities which is most stable?
  5. 6 persuasive strategies
  1. a reasoning is line of thought that connects the facts you present and conclusions
  2. b relate main and supporting points to audience, appeal to audience, connect listeners value, demonstrate how audience will benefit, acknowledge listeners reservations, focus on peripheral beliefs
  3. c do not end speech abruptly no new point, avoid tiresome summary have no false conclusions be specific
  4. d values
  5. e know your audience, be prepared, use deep breathing, channel nervous energy, seek speaking opportunities

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  1. 10-20% attention, background/ need , Specific Purpose/ Central Idea
  2. true or false claims
  3. ethos- credibility logos- logic pathos- emotional
  4. physiological level, safety needs, social needs, self esteem, self actualization
  5. attitudes

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  1. Points in speechnot less than two not more than five


  2. 5 elements to communicationchronological, spatial, topical, casual, problem- solution


  3. Five patterns of organizationsource message channel auditory and visual receiver noise


  4. How do you change beliefs?introduction, word choices, strong evidence


  5. How do you build credibility?introduction, word choices, strong evidence