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  1. 4 qualities of a listener
  2. Artistole 3 Stages to right blend
  3. Conclusion
  4. Five cautions regarding conclusion
  5. How can persuasive speeches influence audience members
  1. a 5 to 10% of speech. signal end of speech and summarize speech
  2. b strengthen or weaken commitment, promote action
  3. c attitudes, beliefs, values, behaviors
  4. d do not end speech abruptly no new point, avoid tiresome summary have no false conclusions be specific
  5. e ethos- credibility logos- logic pathos- emotional

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  1. attitudes
  2. threat or fear
  3. chronological, spatial, topical, casual, problem- solution
  4. inform, persuade, entertain
  5. true or false claims

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  1. Which of 3 qualities will change less?values


  2. 3 qualities establish creditablycompetence, trustworthy, goodwill


  3. How do you build credibility?with a great deal of evidence


  4. How does public speaking differ from conversation?organize thoughts logically, tailor message to audience, tell story for max impact


  5. Guidelines to determine specific purposeoccasion audience speakers qualifications