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Chapter 13

Old Testament

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Northern Kingdom:
Southern kingdom
Israel had _ tribes
Judah had _ tribes
2 (benjamin and judah)
When did the kingdom divide?
931 bc
North had ___ dif dynasties
South had __ dynasty
1 (david)
When did th ewriter of chronicles write?
after the restoration began
The writer of chronicles tended to focus on how _____ failed before God and was ____
the north; already lost
What was the indirect cause of the divided kingdom?
longstanding rivalry between judah in the south and some of the northern tribes
what was the direct cause of the divided kingdom?
solomon's son rehoboam refused to lower solomon's taxes
the kings of the ____ were up and down spiritually. the kings of the _____ were viewed as evil.
south; north
Which kings of judah sought to follow God?
Asa, jehosaphat, joash, amaziah, uzziah, jotham, hezekiah, and josiah
Solomons son rehoboam went to ______ for his coronation
Jeroboam selected ___ as his capital
what mistake did jeroboam make when setting up new worship traditions for the people of Israel?
fell into idolatry- set up golden calves and 2 temples in bethel and dan
which king of Israel moved the capital of Israel to samaria?
which lady, who was married to a king of Israel, was also a daughter of ethbaal, king of sidon?
the prophets are a _____ for God
the word prophet appears over ___ times in the ot
ro eh is translated to mean
navi is translated to mean
Elijah came form _____, east of Jordan
Elijah means
My God is YAH
which prophet announced a severe drought because of the sins of ahab and jezebel?
at what location did elijah defeat the prophets of baal?
mt camel
Elijah fell asleep under a ____ tree, was awakened, fed, encouraged, and sent on his way by an angel to mt horeb. ____ as his successor.
juniper (broom); elisha
elisha means
my God saves
which book of minor prophets is an oracle against the edomites?
obadiah (shortest book in Bible with 21 verses)
whick king of Israel entered jerusalem and plundered the temple?
when jeroboam heard that ____ was going to be king he met him at ___ and demanded a statement declaring his taxation policy
setting up the 2 golden calves created an overtly ____ cult designed to attract people from all backgrounds1
Jeroboam's festival was prob designed to replace _____ and ____
Tabernacles and Yom Kippur
jereboam's reign lasted __ years. he was followed by his son ____
22; nadab
Northern kingdom moved capital to
what are 2 reasons omri was significant?
1- major player in world politics
2- built a new capital
when omri died ___ took his place. omris story covers __ verses. the next 14 chapters cover _____ &______
ahab; 8; elijah and elisha
Ahab was one of the kings at the battle of ____ in __BC, this alliance stopped ____ expansion toward the southeast for a number of yrs
Qarqar; 853; assyrian
prophecy has 3 aspects:
-it expresses God's primary program: to reconcile humans to Himself