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  1. Follicular Phase 1
  2. Luteal (postovulatory) phase
  3. Proliferation phase
  4. Ectopic Pregnancy
  5. Ovulation
  1. a FSH rises initially to stimulate follicle growth. Growing follicle secretes esradiol. Estradiol stimulates GnRH secretion, which stimulates LH and FSH secretion (positive feed back)
  2. b Corona radiata and secondary oocyte leave the ovary. Reamaining follicular/ granulosa cells become corpus luteum
  3. c when egg is fertalized outside of Fallopian tube
  4. d After ovulation LH stimulates follicular/ granulosa cells and the cells multiply and fill the antrum
    Corpus luteum forms from remaining granulosa cells and secretes estradiol, progesterone and inhibin
  5. e Endometrium begins wtih one layer called stratum basalis. Deepest layer of uterus, closest to smooth muscle, contains glands adn blood vessels and produces other layers. (Proliferation, Secretory and Premenstrual)

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  1. Implantaion (egg burrows into wall of uterus, endometrium erodes) this takes six to seven days
  2. FSH and LSH sprike triggers of ovulation. LH induces the primary oocyte and corona radiata leave the ovary
  3. Used to stimulate uterine development
  4. 4 spermatids per mitotic cycle; occurs all the time
  5. Fertilization must occur before this day and after ovulation or the egg dies

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  1. Estrogen(secreted from follicles) stimultes growth fo stratum functionalis. Closest to the lumen, lost at the end fo the menstrural cycle and rebuilt during proliferation phase


  2. Primary folliclefollicular fluid accumulates to form the antrum

    cumulus oophorus: a layer of granulosa cells that covers the oocyte

    corona radiata: innermost layer of cells in the cumulus


  3. Secondary folliclelarger oocytes and stratified follicular (granulosa) cells

    zona pellucida: layer of glycoprotein gel secreted by granulosa cells around the oocyte

    theca folliculi: connective tissue forms a fibrous coat


  4. Day 1 of MCvaginal discharge. Endometrium gets thicker


  5. Ovarian Cycleenodmetrium thickens, breaks down (because blood vessles are cut off) and discharged


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