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  1. prescribe
  2. quaint
  3. makeshift
  4. inimitable
  5. browse
  1. a n- a temporary substitute for something else
    adj- crude, flimsy, or temporary
  2. b v- to order as a rule or course to be followed; to order for medical purposes
  3. c adj- not capable of being copied or imitated
  4. d adj- odd or old-fashioned in a leasing way; clever, ingenious; skillfully made
  5. e v- to nibble, graze;to read casually; to window-shop

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  1. n- something seen in advance
    v-to view before hand
  2. adj- active, energetic, forceful
  3. adj- unwilling, holding back
  4. adj- stern, merciless; fierce, savage, cruel
  5. v- to trap, catch
    n- a trap or entaglement

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  1. vengeancen- punishment in return for an injury or a wrong; unusual force or violence


  2. scrimpadj- stern, merciless; fierce, savage, cruel


  3. marginaladj- in, at, or near the edge or margin; only barely good, large, or important enough for the purpose


  4. dupen- a person easily tricked or deceived
    v- to deceive


  5. anonymousadj- unnamed, without the name of the person involved; unknown, lacking individuality or character