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Life expectancy for a child born today in the U.S is between ______ years.


____ is calculated by subtracting years of ill health from overall life expectancy.

Healthy life expectancy

The second leading cause of death in the U.S for adults is?


Tobacco use cause___ percent of lung cancer in the U.S


The leading cause of fatal car accidents in the U.S is?

Alcohol intoxication

The 1996 Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health stated that regular ____ intensity activity can prevent premature death, unnecessary illness and disability


____ Wellness is the dimension most commonly associated with begin healthy


The greatest benefit of health benefits is that physically fit individuals...?

enjoy better quality of life

Saying "I'll deal with the consequences later" is the ____ barrier to change

Risk complacency

People with an internal locus of control...?

have better exercise adherence

The belief that our destiny is in our genes is the ____ barrier of change

indifference and helplessness

S.M.A.R.T Goals


The solution to problems of competence is to...?

Master the skills you need to participate

During the Contemplations stage of the Transtheoretical Model, people usually...?

Weigh the pros and cons of changing

The action stage of the Transtheoretical Model...?

requires the greatest commitment of time and energy

"I will reduce my body fat to 20% body fat (137lbs.) in 12 weeks" is an example of...?

specific goal

Making goals realistic involves a(n)

understanding of likely results

Proper nutrition means that a person's diet...?

supplies the essential nutrients

Essential nutrients include...?

Carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and water

The most concentrated energy source in the body is...?


Consuming ____ reduces abnormal heart rhythms and blood clotting.

Omega-3 fatty acids

The primary function of protein is to...?

serve as an important component of muscle


help regulate body fuctions

The national academy of sciences states that ____ percent of calories should come from fats in a well-balanced diet.


According to the Food Guide Pyramid, the recommended number of servings of vegetables per day for an adult is...?


Which of the following is on of the Dietary Guideline for Americans?

Choose a diet low in complex carbohydrates

Minimal amount of body fat needed for normal physiological functions is called...?

Essential fat

The most accurate technique to estimate body composition available for most fitness laboratories is...?

Hydro-static weighing

The body composition assessment technique that is based on the principle that approximately half of the body's fatty tissue is directly beneath the skin is...?

Skinfold thickness

Lowest risk for chronic disease is in the BMI range of...?


Approximately ____% of U.S adults have BMI of 30 or more


Scientific evidence indicates that there is a significant increase in the risk for disease when BMI exceeds...?


Normal physiological functions can be seriously impaired when the percent of body fat falls below...?

12% for women

The most practical and valid technique to estimate body fat is...?

skinfold thickness

Most of the blame for the alarming increase in obesity is the U.S lies in...?

over eating and physical inactivity

Recommended body weight is best determined based on...?

The percentages of body fat and lean tissue

A primary objective to achieve overall physical fitness and enhance quality of life is to have...?

recommended body composition

ACSM has defined vigorous exercise as an exercise with intensity above 60% of maximal capacity. This intensity is the equivalent of exercise that...?

an individual cannot engage in for 20 continuous minutes.

Maximal heart rate is estimated by:...?

subtracting age from 220.

To develop cardiovascular fitness, individuals who are not fit should start at a ____ training intensity.


At 50% training intensity, the recommended duration of cardiorespiratory training should be between ____ per session.

30-60 minutes

The benefits of fitness can be maintained by...?

lifelong exercise of three to five 20- to 30-minutes each week.

Good strength enhances quality of life in which of the following ways?

It reduces the risk for injuries and falls.

After 6 to 8 weeks of flexibility development, current flexibility levels can be maintained with as few as ____ flexibility session(s) each week.


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