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Who is the author?
Jude Watson, cover
What does no thief like?
a full moon p. 1
What is special about Carlotta Grimstone's jewels?
they're all cursed p. 1
What happens to the 3 thieves that steal the Grimstone jewels?
1 is captured, 1 dies, 1 is cursed p. 3-4
What does March McQuin's father do for a living?
a thief p. 5
How did Alfie McQuin die?
fell/pushed off a building p. 7
What does Alfie McQuin make March promis him?
fine jewels p. 9
Why doesn't March live with his mother?
died when he was 2 p. 18
Why did Alfie always get an apartment next to construction sites?
in case they needed to throw evidence away p. 20
Where does March get caught by the police?
Stick & Rag show p. 29
Who does March meet on the plane?
Jules/his sister p. 33
Where had March first seen his sister performing?
the Stick and rag p. 35
How is March related to Blue?
his aunt p. 35
What game to March and Jules play on the plane?
poker p. 41
What special lucky piece did Alfie give to both March and Jules?
1/2 a joker card p. 40
What is the name of the group home?
Polestar House p. 45
What does the lady in the black Hummer at the funeral say that Alfie stole?
her future p. 49
Who is March's roommate at Polestar?
Darius p. 55
What famous heist involving March and Jule's parents was on TV?
the Grimstone Heist p. 62
Who were the Grimstone's stolen from?
Carlotta Grimstone p. 63
Who was Alfies' partner that got arrested?
(Robert) Oscar Ford p. 65
Why is Darius being sent to juvie?
told Mandy Sue to shut up p. 68
How did March find Jules after she ran away from Polestar?
He saw a TV report about a jewelry heist p. 71
What did Jules use to steal the jewels in the heist on the news?
a vacuum p. 73
Who was Jules working with when she vacuumed the jewels?
Oscar p. 74
What did Izzy discover in the book "The Moonsone"?
a secret code OR the targets p. 77
Where was Alfie's hide-out in NY?
Track 61 p. 82
What graffiti did March see that was a message from his dad?
Matt Henneberry come home p. 85
What is the name of the con that March did at the private school?
pigeon drop p. 88
If you're going to do something, don't do it______.
stupid p. 89
How much money did the lady at the private school give March?
$1000 p. 92
How do March, Izzy, and Darius get into the museum to steal the Widow's Knot?
they pretended to be in the chorus/choir p. 96
What did Dolores Leon plan to do with her necklace, the Widow's Knot?
loan it to the museum p. 102
What is "The Widow's Knot?"
a necklace
In the Widow's Knot heist at the museum, what did Jules do to distract people?
leapt off of a whale into mid-air p. 102
Who stole the Widow's Knot necklace from Jules?
Oscar p. 106
Who helps the kids escape from the museum?
Carlotta Grimstone p. 108
What power do the moonstones have?
they show you your death p. 109
What deal does Carlotta off March and his friends?
steal all 7 moonstones for her in 1 week and she'll pay them 7 million dollars p. 110
Why does Jules say she left the group home with Oscar?
he kidnapped her p. 112
What name do March and his friends give themselves?
Throwaway Gang p. 119
What discovery does March make regarding his dad's death?
he was pushed/did not fall off the room p. 123
What does a fence do?
buy stolen items and resells them p. 127
What moonstone prophecy made Alfie decide to separate March and Jules when they were little?
they would die together before their 13th birthday p. 132
How do the kids follow Osar?
on stolen bicycles p. 138
Who does Darius go to for a getaway driver?
his mom p. 144
What kind of car does Darius' mom steal?
a silver Lexus p. 150
How do March and his friends get Oscar to leave his apartment?
cut the cable during the NCAA finals p. 151
What was Oscar's apartment supposed to be?
March and Jules' home p. 136
Where does March find the moonstone in Oscar's apartment?
a bag of frozen peas p. 161
How do they escape from Oscar's apartment?
Jules' silk scarf p. 162
Who chased March and his friends after they escapted from Oscar's apartment?
Mike Shannon p. 171
What decoration does Gigi-poo have on her collar?
a moonstone p. 184
Who has the 6th moonstone?
Mike Shannon p. 199
How does Darius get Izzy inside Mike Shannon's house?
in a delivery box p. 206
Who takes control of the computers in Mike Shannon's smart house?
Izzy p. 208
What does Shannon want for the 6th moonstone?
1/2 of the money p. 210
Who steals the moonstone from Shannon?
Jules p. 212
How doe March and Jules escape from Shannon's house?
the curtains p. 216
What does Izzy yell on the subway train that creates a distraction?
RAT p. 222
How do March and his friends escape the subway train?
jumped onto the tracks p. 223
Who almost got ran over by a subway train?
March p. 225
Which member of the Throwaway Gang runs off with the moonstones?
Jules p . 226
Where is the final moonstone?
Blue's hat p. 235
Why did Jules give all the moonstones to Blue?
she wanted love/ a family p. 238
What lie does Hamish Tarscher say about the moonstones that Blue and Oscar try to sell Carlotta Grimstone?
they're fake p. 247