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The 14th Goldfish


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What is Ellie's pre-school teacher's name?
Star Lilly p. 1
Who is the author of The 14th Goldfish?
Jennifer L. Hold - cover
How many Goldie's had there been?
13 p. 3
Why does Nicole, the babysitter, quit?
she gets a job at the mall p. 11
Who is the boy that Ellie's mom brings home one night?
Grandpa p. 15
Why does Grandpa look like a 13 year old boy?
he discovered a cure for aging p. 17
What is Grandpa's real name?
Melvin Herbert Sagarsky p. 18
Why doesn't Grandpa want to go to school?
he has 2 PhD's p. 28
Who is Ellie's new babysitter?
Grandpa p. 29
Who was Ellie's best friend?
Brianna p. 33
What kind of food does Grandpa like?
Chinese p. 39
What did Jonas Salk develop?
vaccine for polio p. 46
What is a scientist's most powerful tool?
observation p. 53
Who developed the atomic bomb?
Oppenheimer p. 55
What did Ellie's grandma love to ride?
the bus p. 66
Why is Grandpa trying to break into his lab?
to get the T. Melvinus p. 67
Who is Ben?
mom's boyfriend
What does Grandpa say is terrible disease?
growing old p. 76
Why can't Ellie find Grandpa after school?
he's in detention p. 81
Why does Grandpa get detention?
going to the bathroom without a pass p. 84
What kind of science is cooking?
chemistry p. 86
Who does Grandpa get to be his assistant?
Raj p. 92
Why does Grandpa borrow clothes from Ellie's mom?
he hates doing laundtry p. 104
Who established the laws of mothion?
Isaac Newton p. 105
Why do people burp and fart?
bacteria in the stomach that helps digest food p. 114
Why does mom not want to put the trash out at night?
racoons p. 123
What is Ellie doing for Halloween?
going to a dance party p. 124
What is Ellie for Halloween?
a mad scientist p. 127
What birthday does Ellie celebrate?
12 p. 132
Who gives Ellie a microscope for her birthday?
Grandpa p. 136
What happened to the company Grandpa worked for?
someone bought it p. 146
How much does Grandpa pay the pizza place for his uniform?
$100 p. 151
How does Raj finally get the T. Melvinus out of the lab?
disguises himself as a pizza delivery boy p. 151
Who has a crush on Grandpa/Melvin?
Brianna p. 159
What exhibit do Ellie and Raj go see in San Francisco?
Mummies p. 166
What do Ellie and Grandpa have a disagreement about?
whether stopping old age is right or wrong
What does Grandpa do with his t. melvinus at the end?
flush it p. 182
What do Ellie and Grandpa both believe in?
the possible p. 185
Who is the 14th goldfish?
Grandpa p. 185
What gift foes Ellie receive in the mail from her Grandpa?
bedroom slippers p. 188
What does Grandpa get in the mail?
a jellyfish p. 190