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Chapter 13 - The European Middle Ages 500-1200 CE


a religious community of men (called monks) who have given up thier possesions to devote themselves to a life of prayer & worship


in feudal Europe, a person who received a grant of land from a lord in exchange for a pledge of loyalty & military serives.


a medieval peasant legally bound to live & work on the land owned by his lord.


a lord's estate in feudal Europe


a code of behavior for knights in medieval Europe ; stressing ideals such as courage, loyalty, and devotion.


a medieval poet & musician who traveled from place to place and entertained people with songs of courtly love.


any official of a Church who perform religious services; priests, ministers and rabbis. (multi religious)

Holy Roman Empire

an empire established in Europe in the 10th century AD originally consisting of mainly lands now in Germany & Italy.

lay investiture

the appointment of religious official by kings or nobles.


people of Roman province of Gaul; a Germanic people ruled by a king named Clovis ((last of the ancient Merovingian Dynasty)

major domo

literally "mayor of the palace" - the most powerful person (official) in the kingdom; was in charge of the royal household & estates- was the unofficial commander of the armies and made policy.


a Germanic people from Scandinavia ( Finland, Sweden & Norway)-also called Northmen or Norsemen - were a warlike, nomadic people who were great seafarers, traders and explorers - they intermixed with the Franks and other Germanic tribes through Europe and even explored North America around 1000 CE.


a Church tax; usually 1/10th of a persons income - paid to support the village priest.


mock battles performed by knights for entertainment and also training for combat-often resulted in violent and bloody deaths for sport.


important religious ceremonies; baptism for example into the body of religious believers or confirmation - a public acknowledgment of the membership into the Church,

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