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A set of flash cards based on section 1.5 of the Leaving Cert chemistry syllabus.

Electron loss

Oxidation in terms of electrons

Electron gain

Reduction in terms of electrons

Reduction of Copper

Process taking place

Oxidation of Zinc

Process taking place

Reduction of Zinc

Process taking place

Oxidising agent

A substance that allows oxidation to occur by the substance gaining electrons

Reducing agent

A substance that allows reduction to occur by the substance losing electrons


Strongest oxidising agent


Substance that conducts electricity when dissolved in water, or in the molten state


The breaking up of a substance by passing a current through its aqueous solution or molten state


Process occurring at the anode during electrolysis


Process occurring at the cathode during electrolysis


Gas formed at the negative electrode during the electrolysis of water


Gas formed at the positive electrode during the electrolysis of water


A group of good oxidising agents

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