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  1. Captain of Industry
  2. Granger Laws
  3. J.P. Morgan
  4. RR's impact on cities
  5. Titusville, Pennsylvania
  1. a Very successful with his holding company
  2. b This is the location where Edwin L. Drake first used the steam engine to drill for oil
  3. c Allowed for cities to begin producing one thing (example I used in class: Forest City has Winnebago and it produces mobile homes)
  4. d Laws that the grange were trying to get passed. They wanted "to establish maximum freight and passenger rates and prohibit discrimination."
  5. e a business leader whose means of amassing a personal fortune contributes positively to the country in some way.

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  1. head of the "Tweed Ring" - he was a main contributor to the construction scandal of the NY county courthouse
  2. Garfield's VP who became president after assassination
  3. A union formed by workers in the whole company - from the janitor all the way up to an engineer.
  4. business practice used by Carnegie to buy out all of his suppliers - raw materials like coal and iron mines, ore freighters, and RRs
  5. immigrate temporarily to earn money and then return home

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  1. IWWa socialist union called the Industrial Workers of the World


  2. George M. PullmanInventor of the sleeper car


  3. Bessemer ProcessThere are 24 time zones in the world - 4 in the United States. Central, Pacific, Eastern, and Mountain.


  4. Brooklyn BridgeCarnegie Steel president who cut wages - leading to The Homestead Strike


  5. On the Origin of SpeciesBook by Darwin where he talks about how species flourish and pass their traits along to the next generation, while others do no.