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  1. William "Big Bill" Haywood
  2. Interstate Commerce Act
  3. Ellis Island
  4. On the Origin of Species
  5. Munn v. Illinois
  1. a The Supreme Court upheld the Granger Laws. The states won the right to regulate the RRs for the benefit of farmers and consumers.
  2. b This act reestablished the right of the federal government to supervise RR activities and established a five-member Interstate Commerce Commission
  3. c Book by Darwin where he talks about how species flourish and pass their traits along to the next generation, while others do no.
  4. d founded the IWW
  5. e an island in New York Harbor that was formerly the principal immigration station for the United States

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  1. Garfield's VP who became president after assassination
  2. raised tariffs to their highest level
  3. United Mine Workers started by Mary Harris Jones
  4. assimilate people of wide-ranging cultures into the dominant culture
  5. The joining of the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific in Promontory, Utah on May 10, 1869

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  1. Social Darwinisma union that formed by workers of a "craft" (Like in Winnebago - not the WHOLE company but just the cabinet workers)


  2. The Grangeimmigrants hitched a ride in this area of the cargo ships while crossing the Atlantic and Pacific


  3. Immigration Restriction LeagueA group who wanted to restrict immigration into the U.S. to certain groups they deemed desirable. Because of them congress passed a bill in 1897 requiring a literacy test for immigrants.


  4. Alexander Graham Bellinvented the telephone


  5. Mergerwhen one corporation buys out the stock of another