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  1. Knights of Labor
  2. Interstate Commerce Commission
  3. NLU
  4. Bird of Passage
  5. McKinley Tariff Act of 1890
  1. a National Labor Union - the first large scale national organization formed by William H. Sylvis
  2. b immigrate temporarily to earn money and then return home
  3. c Membership to the Knights was open to all workers, regardless of race, gender, or degree of skill.
  4. d raised tariffs to their highest level
  5. e Had the job of regulating RR rates due to the Interstate Commerce Act

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  1. invented the telephone
  2. perfected the incandescent light bulb
  3. Allowed for cities to begin producing one thing (example I used in class: Forest City has Winnebago and it produces mobile homes)
  4. Very successful with his holding company
  5. Carnegie Steel president who cut wages - leading to The Homestead Strike

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  1. B&O RRRR where the Great Strike of 1877 took place


  2. Brooklyn BridgeDuring a depression Pullman lowered wages in his company but kept the rent in his town the same - which caused people who lived there to go on strike


  3. Eugene V. DebsFounded the American Railway Union


  4. Horizontal integrationless-suited individuals die off while the best adapted survive.


  5. Craft UnionismA union formed by workers in the whole company - from the janitor all the way up to an engineer.


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