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  1. Steerage
  2. Social Gospel Movement
  3. The Homestead Strike
  4. Horizontal integration
  5. graft
  1. a movement that urged people to help the poor in the cities
  2. b business practice used by Carnegie to buy out all of his competitors
  3. c A strike that took place at Carnegie Steel because of pay cuts
  4. d immigrants hitched a ride in this area of the cargo ships while crossing the Atlantic and Pacific
  5. e the illegal use of political influence for personal gain

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  1. made it illegal to form a trust that interfered with free trade between states or with other countries.
  2. One of the oldest steel wire suspension bridge
  3. head of the "Tweed Ring" - he was a main contributor to the construction scandal of the NY county courthouse
  4. a strike involving the B&O RR. President Hayes had to intervene sending in federal troops to end the strike
  5. Act passed by Arthur to appoint people to federal jobs through a merit system based on candidate performance based on an exam.

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  1. Captain of Industrya business leader whose means of amassing a personal fortune contributes positively to the country in some way.


  2. tenementsmany immigrant families would come together to live in one house


  3. Monopolya firm that buys out all of its competitors


  4. Social DarwinismGrew out of Charles Darwin's theory of biological evolution.


  5. Immigration Restriction LeagueA group who wanted to restrict immigration into the U.S. to certain groups they deemed desirable. Because of them congress passed a bill in 1897 requiring a literacy test for immigrants.