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  1. Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883
  2. Craft Unionism
  3. Patronage
  4. Eugene V. Debs
  5. Merger
  1. a giving of government jobs to people who helped government officials get elected - also called the "spoils system"
  2. b Founded the American Railway Union
  3. c a union that formed by workers of a "craft" (Like in Winnebago - not the WHOLE company but just the cabinet workers)
  4. d Act passed by Arthur to appoint people to federal jobs through a merit system based on candidate performance based on an exam.
  5. e when one corporation buys out the stock of another

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  1. made it illegal to form a trust that interfered with free trade between states or with other countries.
  2. National Labor Union - the first large scale national organization formed by William H. Sylvis
  3. give administrative jobs to qualified officials
  4. A strike that took place at Carnegie Steel because of pay cuts
  5. The first skyscraper created in Chicago in 1885 - built by William Le Baron Jenney

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  1. tenementsmany immigrant families would come together to live in one house


  2. UMWUnited Mine Workers started by Mary Harris Jones


  3. Pullman TownDuring a depression Pullman lowered wages in his company but kept the rent in his town the same - which caused people who lived there to go on strike


  4. Timezonesmany immigrant families would come together to live in one house


  5. Monopolya firm that buys out all of its competitors