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  1. row-houses
  2. tenements
  3. Henry Clay Frick
  4. Craft Unionism
  5. UMW
  1. a a union that formed by workers of a "craft" (Like in Winnebago - not the WHOLE company but just the cabinet workers)
  2. b many immigrant families would come together to live in one house
  3. c Carnegie Steel president who cut wages - leading to The Homestead Strike
  4. d United Mine Workers started by Mary Harris Jones
  5. e single family homes that were set up side by side

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  1. Social organization of farmers
  2. movement that urged people to help the poor in the cities
  3. founded the IWW
  4. prominent woman in the labor movement - she supported the Great Strike of 1877. She also staged a march with 80 children
  5. giving of government jobs to people who helped government officials get elected - also called the "spoils system"

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  1. C.F. DowdProfessor who proposed that the world be split into time zones


  2. George Westinghouseinventor who made electricity safer and less expensive


  3. The Homestead StrikeA strike that took place at Carnegie Steel because of pay cuts


  4. Social DarwinismOne of the American industrialists of the late 19th century who became wealthy by unethical means


  5. Interstate Commerce CommissionHad the job of regulating RR rates due to the Interstate Commerce Act