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  1. transcontinental railroad
  2. Industrial Unionism
  3. Granger Laws
  4. George Westinghouse
  5. Samuel Gompers
  1. a A union formed by workers in the whole company - from the janitor all the way up to an engineer.
  2. b The joining of the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific in Promontory, Utah on May 10, 1869
  3. c Laws that the grange were trying to get passed. They wanted "to establish maximum freight and passenger rates and prohibit discrimination."
  4. d inventor who made electricity safer and less expensive
  5. e Founded the AFL (American Federation of Labor)

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  1. a strike involving the B&O RR. President Hayes had to intervene sending in federal troops to end the strike
  2. George M. Pullman's town where the workers would live. It had apartments, a theater, shops, dentist, doctors... etc.
  3. less-suited individuals die off while the best adapted survive.
  4. raised tariffs to their highest level
  5. Japan's government agreed to limit immigrants of unskilled workers to the US in exchange for the repeal of the segregation order that was taking place on the west coast

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  1. Chester A. ArthurGarfield's VP who became president after assassination


  2. Social Darwinisman economic and political system based on government control of business and property and equal distribution of wealth


  3. Andrew CarnegieSocial organization of farmers


  4. Sherman Antitrust Actmade it illegal to form a trust that interfered with free trade between states or with other countries.


  5. Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882raised tariffs to their highest level