Bible FINAL (college edition)

65 terms by apgirl1

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burden blessing

Bad religion is when things are a ______ and not a ______

worship showtime

bad religion is when its not _____ but ______

majors minors

Bad religion comes when there are ______ in ______


Bad religion comes when its all about the _____

nobody prophets

Bad religion comes when _____ is listening to the _________

passover seder

this a deliverance meal

deliverance meal

the passover seder is a ...

host father

Jesus acts as the _____ or ____ in the Passover seder


Motzon (bread) represents ....


wine is the cup of ______


the Eucharist means


Means "thanksgiving"


This is another word for the Lord's Supper or Communion


The interpretation of communion in which the bread and wine actually become blood and flesh.


The interpretation of communion in which the bread and wine have little pieces of flesh and blood in them.


At Gethsemane, Jesus showed ______. "Not my will but yours"


"not my will but yours" shows...

midnight Thursday

the arrest happened...

Caiaphas Sanhedrin

Jesus is brought before the Jewish High Priest _______ and council (the ______)


The Jewish charge against Jesus


The Roman charge against Jesus

Pontius Pilate

The procurator of Judea 26-37 AD


Pontius Pilate dates


Herod Antipas was the ....


Golgotha is the place of the ____

1000 bc

Crucifixion had been practiced since ______ __.

Alexander the great

Crucifixion had been brought by...

roman non romans

Crucifixion was the official ______ punishment for _______


bone box

murder rebellion

Crucifixion was for those convicted of ______ or _______

9 am

Jesus was nailed to the cross at __ (am/pm)


Jesus was crucified at the ____ hour of the day

3 Friday

Jesus died at __ on ______


How many hours after his crucifixion did Jesus die?


___ of the 7 of Jesus' last words were prayers

forgive them into your hands my god my god

The 3 prayers of Jesus "_____ ____" , "___ ___ ___" and "___ ___, ___ ___"

with me in paradise your son your mother

The 2 statements Jesus made on the cross addressed to someone: "___ ___ ___ _____" and "___ _____, ___ ____"

im thirsty it is finished

The 2 statements Jesus made on the cross addressed to no one in particular: "___ _____" and "___ ___ ____"

my god my god why have you forsaken me

Eloi, Eloi, Iama sabbachthani means...


John, the writer, was a...

sons thunder

John was apart of the "______ of _____"

zebedee james

John was the son of _____ and brother of _____

inner circle

John was apart of Jesus' ____ ____

James john

The Sons of Thunder

peter james john

The Inner Circle of apostles


How much of the Gospel of John is "new"? ___ %

wedding feast

the ______ ____ was the first sign in John


Logos means ....


"Logos became flesh" is ...

Yahweh Moses burning bush

The I Am statement comes from ______ to ______ at the _____ _____

nicodemus woman well born blind

Interviews in John involved _____, the _____ at the ____, and the man _____ _____


English version of Holy Spirit

advocate counselor comforter

The Paraclete is the "____", "____", and "___"

foot washing

This is an example of the new commandment


Jesus' new commandment was to love with _____


The "Tao" is the ...

Sanhedrin roman mob humankind

The Jewish ____, _____ officials, the ____ and _____ are responsible for the death of Jesus

Mary Magdalene

Who was the first to witness Jesus' resurrection

Christians lie

According to Paul, if there was no resurrection ______ are believing a ____

preaching useless faith

According to Paul, if there was no resurrection our _____is _____ and so is our _____


According to Paul, if there was no resurrection, Christ hasn't been ____

still sins

According to Paul, if there was no resurrection, you are ____ in your _____

fallen asleep lost

According to Paul, if there was no resurrection, those who have ____ ____ are ____


According to Paul, if there was no resurrection, we are the most ____ people

lunatic liar legend lord

C.S. Lewis' options regarding Jesus

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