14 terms

Chapter 2 Statistics and Graphs vocabulary

pieces of information that are often numerical. Often shown in a table
a more visual way to display data
bar graph
used to compare categories of data
written on the vertical (y) axis, it includes the least and greatest number
vertical axis
(y) axis - the axis on which the scale and interval are shown in a bar or line graph
the difference between successive values on a scale.
horizontal axis
the axis on which the categories or values are shown in a bar and line graph.
the number of times an item occurs
line graph
used to shown how a set of data changes over a period of time.
stem and leaf plot
data are ordered from least to greatest and organized by place values
the greatest place value common to all the data that is written to the left of the line in a stem and leaf plot
the units digit written to the right of the vertical line in a stem and leaf plot
sample data point used to explain the stems and leaves in a stem and leaf plot
line plot
a diagram that shows the frequency of data on a number line