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User Interface

The method used by a computer operator to interact with the system.


The name for a collection of one million characters.


A collection of eight binary digits

File Format

The order in which information needed to display a document is stored on your hard drive or other storage device

Operating System

The software that allows your application to talk to the computer hardware and vise versa.

System Requirements

The minimum computer memory size, hard disk, processor speed, etc. that is needed to run an application.


Single binary digit


The section of the computer's memory that can be easily accesses and changes by a program.

File Translator

A program that will allow its user to convert between different file formats.


The main processing chip in any computer system

What is one thing we have learned from the history of technology in education about the role of teachers will play in the future?

Despite technological innovations, human teachers will always be very important.

What does AUP stand for?

Authorized Use Policies

What is the main advantage of handheld computers?


True or False...Technology use can be a great reward for student behavior


Showing video-based problems that students solve through small group work is refereed to as a ____learning model.


What software function could give students opportunities to memorize states and capitals?

Drill and Practice

A driver education teacher might use this kind of software to let students "practice" driving before actually getting in a car...


What is a benefit of drill and practice software?

Immediate feedback

If a teacher wanted to demonstrate the impact of various decisions on the ecology of an environment, what would be the best software?


CAI stands for...

Computer Assisted Instruction

Inspiration is a good example of this kind of software tool.

Concept mapping tool.

CBL systems would be used for what type of teachers?


GPS systems would be used for what type of teachers?


In hypermedia authoring, this planning step can help save time and make sure students include what they want in their products...


Google Earth is an example of...


What kind of software, first introduced in 1994, marked the beginning of more widespread internet use?

The browser

Attacks on computer systems by hackers and viruses make it necessary for schools to install firewalls and this kind of software...

Virus protection

What term is used to describe the disparity between the use of computers by girls and boys which some people feel leads to girls entering science and mathematics fields less often than boys/

Gender inequity

What kind of software, if well designed, could supply whole lessons to teach advanced calculus?


Which kind of software should you select if your students are preparing for an exam, and they need a way of practicing lots of sample items quickly?

Drill and practice

What software would let students see how plants grow under various conditions (e.g., water, light) when you have no time or resources to have them actually grow things?


These are collections of pre-drawn pictures that may be inserted into documents


A teacher could use this tool rather than a spreadsheet to maintain and calculate grades from tests and other work.

Electronic grade book

This is the term for the graphic icons people can use to represent themselves in virtual environments


This software tells your computer how to interact with your peripherals

operating system

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