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Ethics: Self Disclosure/Inappropriate Sexual Relations

When is Self Disclosure appropriate
when done for the client's benefit and in the contest of the therapeutic process
When is self disclosure inappropriate?
when used to meet the counselor's own needs for intimacy or understanding.
How man males/females reported sexual relationships with current/former clients?
7% of male counselors and

1.6% of female counselors
What about physical contact?
AVOID. can be mispercieved

intitate ONLY if the client requests it or with client permission
What is happening with recent student of sexual contact?
Frequency of sexual contact between counselors and current clients is decreasing
What is the profile of counselor and sexual contact with client?
Professionally isolated male counselor who is experiencing distress or crisis in his personal life
What does the ACA code of ethics say?
-Prohibits sexual or romantic relationships with current clients, their romantic partners, or their family members
-Romantic or sexual relationships with former clients, their partners, or family members are prohibited for at least 5 years following the last professional contact
How many counselors have experienced sexual attraction to clients?
70 to 95% of counselors have experienced sexual attraction to clients
Are feelings of sexual attration unethical?
NO but acting on them are
What to do you do if you have those feelings?
Consult with colleagues
Seek supervision or counseling
Consider referring the client