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  1. fosse's famous works
  2. what does he want his students to learn
  3. diaspora
  4. Fosse
  5. describe Promise land
  1. a the pajama game, chicago, sweet charity, all that jazz
  2. b he want his students to understand his feelings, and than they with be able to understand him and his dance
  3. c dealt with Uncle Tom's Cabin. disscused slavery, showed whipping and danced naked, worked with actors of all races, & past personal experience w/ race & childhood
  4. d married 3x, slept with alot of women, daughter named Michelle, drinked & smoked
  5. e force to leave home

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  1. found at the femanist store. "Ginger did everything that fred did but backwards with heels on"
  2. of sound , and america's cultural contribution to the world of dance
  3. Costarred with Ann Reinking in Fosse, a Broadway revue featuring a collection of Fosse's best choreography, and was an expert on Fosse's work/style
  4. Luigi dance has no barre because he wants the students to learn how to support and control himself totally from within and through finding the feeling of using space as a barre
  5. began a jazz company in the 70s located in the greater chicago,IL area

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  1. who is Fosse mentora broadway performer and Fosse's ex wife.


  2. ausdruckstanzDance of Expression


  3. how did the audience receive the black crook?they had a very negative reaction.they thought it was skeptical, but enjoy the long legs, and they also didn't know what to do with it


  4. Jacob's Pillowfarmhouse where Ted Shawn company farmed, work and lived together while training and rehearsing. Performances were held there, too


  5. how many personal tragedies3
    the accident that killed her children, son died after few hours of being born