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  1. The Black Crook
  2. who is Busby Berkeley
  3. Fosse
  4. Gwen Verdon starred in?
  5. Paul Draper's states that tap dancing is not thought properly why?
  1. a a theater piece about a hunchback who makes a pact with the devil. premiered in 1866 in the US. and incorporated dance soloists from Europe. many American woman joined the chorus, and the show traveled around the country for several years. ]
  2. b married 3x, slept with alot of women, daughter named Michelle, drinked & smoked
  3. c By teaching how to dance instead of teaching routines.
  4. d famous for overhead shots, 50-100 performers, beautiful girls and geometric patterns
  5. e Damn yankees and The pajama game

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  1. invented "Chance Dance" using dice and/or name graphing. worked in along time partnership with John Cage ( a musician )
  2. a broadway performer and Fosse's ex wife.
  3. facial mask;make up worn by both white and black to illustrate racial sterotypes and perceptions.
  4. Costarred with Ann Reinking in Fosse, a Broadway revue featuring a collection of Fosse's best choreography, and was an expert on Fosse's work/style
  5. from her hanging scarf that got caught to the car wheel and strangled her

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  1. how were woman seen who join the chorus of the black crook?they were seen as lady of the night


  2. fosse's famous worksthe pajama game, chicago, sweet charity, all that jazz


  3. ausdruckstanzbegan a jazz company in the 70s located in the greater chicago,IL area


  4. How does Luigi prepare for teaching class3
    the accident that killed her children, son died after few hours of being born


  5. why did the third rich wish to eliminate modern dancer?the third rich was the period of Hater's accusation